Love across the salt desert!!!!

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    A beautiful poem the explains how it feels like to miss ur sweetheart from the core of your heart...

    Have I Ever Told You??:oops:

    Have I ever told you
    that if I sit really still and silent,
    sometimes. I like to think
    I can hear your heart beating
    in time with mine?

    Have I ever told you
    that when I watch you speak to me
    through lines and cords,
    and bytes and ram,
    I imagine
    your voice,
    whispering into my ear?

    Have I ever told you
    that I wait out each day
    in anticipation,
    only an hour or two,
    just a second in space and time,
    to feel close to you?

    Have I ever told you
    that there has been times,
    when I ached for you,
    ached for you so badly,
    that the emotions overwhelmed me..
    and so I sat and cried?

    Have I ever told you
    that sometimes,
    I will reach out,
    touching your name
    on this cold screen before me,
    I could reach in
    and pull you to me?

    Have I ever told you
    that after the first time I heard
    the sound of your voice,
    thousands of miles away,
    I sat up all night,
    turning the conversation over and over
    in my mind,
    examining it,
    like some newly discovered species of flower?

    Have I ever told you
    that I would give everything up,
    just for one night
    to be able to lay near you,
    to feel your chest rise and fall
    with each breath you take,
    just to know that you are real?

    Have I ever told you
    that I dream of you often,
    I dream of you reaching out
    and touching my hand,
    simply to let me know
    that you are there,
    and everything is okay?

    Have I ever told you,
    have I still yet to tell you . . .
    that you mean the entire universe to me?
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