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Looking For Ideas For Organizing A Cheap And Best Baby Shower Function

Discussion in 'Shopping & Restaurants' started by Gy3, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Gy3

    Gy3 New IL'ite

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    Hey ladies...

    This is Gayathri from Chennai and I am going to have my baby shower function soon.
    I am a brahmin , so the function is going to be brahmin styled and its going to be held at a small mandapam (near by my house).

    I am looking for ideas for cost cutting of unwanted items and go for cheap and best in the following categories
    1. caterer,
    2. make-up accessories (like jewels, hair do jadai, mehendi , etc)
    3. tambulam bags
    4. Return gift ideas
    5. choice of bakshanam (sweets and snacks)
    6. Seer varisai plates
    7. bangles
    8. Decoration in the hall
    9. Other items (if any)

    Please let me know if you know someone who offer service at a cheap rate yet provide best service.


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