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Lockdown Diaries

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Anjelin, May 14, 2020.

  1. Anjelin

    Anjelin Gold IL'ite

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    Being stuck at home in lockdown, due to a pandemic highly infective,

    Gave me an opportunity to look at life with a different perspective.

    Realised a grand meal is not only prepared by having variety dishes,

    But also, when everyone come together for cooking something delicious.

    A holiday is not the only way to get refreshed,

    You can do that with fresh air and a good conversation in your own nest.

    Divine presence is witnessed not only in religious places

    You can witness the same grace in your homes.

    A get together with friends is not possible only in resorts,

    But also as a group video call from kitchen while doing dishes

    A healthy and fit body is not built only in gyms and clubs

    But even in the confined space of your houses.

    Bonding of cousins happens not only in grandmother's place

    Also, by virtual presence in online games.

    A movie is not only cherished with popcorn in multiplex

    Also, in Netflix, relaxing in your sofas and munching homemade snacks.

    A stand-up call is not organised only in office cubicles

    Also can be effectively done from each houses.

    A production rollout is not only successful in office with physical presence

    A proper planning and execution can be done from remote home stations.

    Nature doesn’t require us, it can heal on its own,

    But we need nature to survive as it has shown.

    This lockdown was a speed breaker for us to slow down,

    And not to take things for granted, hope we realise it soon.

    - Anjelin
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