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Life's Reality

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by maalti, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. maalti

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    Though we are all aware that life is very uncertain, especially in these days of pandemic, some small incidents/events strongly teach us this truth. I would like to put forth a very small incident, which I happened to witness.

    It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining beautifully. I was waiting for the bus in the bus stand. Though I live in a city full of congestion, pollution, etc., I enjoy small things of beauty like a beautiful flower blooming in a plant, a small child walking along with its mom, a group of girls going to the college giggling all the way, a tree gently swaying in the morning breeze etc. I would note a lot of beautiful things within the few minutes I wait for the bus.

    As stated earlier, I was standing in the bus stand, waiting for my bus. There was a big tree near the bus stand. Suddenly, I noticed a big green worm hanging in a string from the tree. It was a bright green worm and it shined in the morning sun. The worm was also swaying gently along with the breeze in the string. I was just enjoying the sight of the worm. I was imagining how it would become a beautiful butterfly when grown up. The breeze became a little stronger and the worm fell on the road. Within fraction of a second, a car coming in the road ran over the worm and it was crushed leaving a little green patch on the road. This incident affected me so much and brought tears to my eyes. It made me realize the life’s reality in a stronger way.

    I felt that we should wake up at least now and give more value to family, friends and relatives, happiness, peace of mind, love and kindness.
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  2. joylokhi

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    Well said. There a lot of things of daily existence we take for granted and realisation dawns only after its loss. The pandemic has really made many of us reflect! Good one.
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  3. Thyagarajan

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    A famished haggard bathed in sunshine was lying at kerb uncared for.

    Morning rush hour flowing traffic by his side did not affect him.

    A street-dog smooching him felt bad and stood in attention with tear-gathered- eyes, looking at the people in tearing hurry.

    A lady in scooter came close to this street-dog, parked scooter on it's side-stand and taken a food parcel packet from the hook.

    She unpacked, spread the ready-to-eat contents before the dog. She left.

    The dog ignored the food lying around but with its hind legs repeatedly kicked the man.

    In snail's pace the man lazily got up, pulled the food parcel toward the dog and with his palm tapped on the body of dog.

    Wagging its tail, dog lifted his front legs and hugged the man.
    A scene from my balcony that turned my eyes moist around 9am.
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