Life is Fragile

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    Plato once said, "It is easy to forgive a small child afraid of the dark, but not a full-grown man afraid of the light." Since long before Plato, light has symbolized truth--facing the reality of our situation in relation to God, to others, and to self.
    I was thinking the other day, what are the chances of you living to a ripe old age and not contracting cancer, not becoming or being at some stage mentally ill, not carelessly enraging some mindless person with a knife or being bumped off by a silent henchman. I don’t know, the chances of one of them not getting you are depressingly small.
    Life is fragile, and resilient, all at once. That's what makes it so special. All of us assume that we have control over the life and we have the answers. We think that we've got it all figured out, but… in reality… there is a much higher and bigger force. And that's God's plan, not ours that matters.
    I still remember one of my neighbors’ sons got hurt in an accident and was paralyzed for life. He still is. That was pretty shocking and hard to take. I'd been with this guy for several years. Just few days ago before the accident, he had married to a beautiful Sikh girl. Suddenly, all dreams & hopes turned into tears. Really makes you think how lucky you are.
    I guess it's truly hard to come to terms with things like this. It’s just how suddenly it can happen that gets me. One minute, fine, the next, badly injured or diagnosed with something. It's absolutely life changing and it happens so quickly. No man would have an answer as to why God allowed this.
    But God would have the answer. Everyone have to face this situation in his/her life in some or the other way. I believe there is only one way to deal with this sort of thing. You have to face it. Just deal with it in your own way. Find someone to talk to and give it some time.
    Don't be afraid to die. Fear won't help you. Just live your life the best you can. If you do, you'll have no regrets when you have to die one day. (I'm getting all sentimental now).

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