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Learn Hindi

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by Marie, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. suresh56

    suresh56 New IL'ite

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    I am Suresh. I was brought up in Ranchi-Jharkhand(eralier was in Bihar) for 30 years. I studied till B.Com. in Hindi medium. I served a U.S NGO CARE for 29 years in India and abroad. My field of expertise is logistics, admin.,procurement,disaster operation, programme monitoring and field surveillance, secretarial, budget and burn rate. I love Hindi and Mukesh songs. I am settled in Chennai. Currently I am teaching Hindi to a group on on line. I also do Hindi/English and vice versa translations.

    For Hindi learners, I am sharing some useful sentences which I informed edufire when began 1 to 1 spoken hindi tuition in chennai. The details are given below:


    I am going to teach Hindi to one Engineering student effective tomorrow in Chennai in person. I thought that I must share the preparation done on subject which will be of use to those who understand the Hindi words well and can pick up conversation from the following context.?Thank you.

    Hindi Hindi words in English( pronunciation) translation

    मेरा नाम सुरेश है ? mera naam suresh hai. My name is suresh.

    आपका नाम क्या है? Aaapka naam kya hai.? What is your name?

    मेरा नाम विनोद है Mera naam Vinod hai My name is Vinod

    आप क्या करतें हैं Aap kya kartey hain ? What do you do?

    आपके माता पिता कहां हैं? Aapkey maat pita khain hain? Where are your parents?

    वे बाजार गए हुए हैं vey bazar gayen huyen hain. They have gone to the market

    परिवार में और कितने सदस्य हैं parivar mein aur kitney sadasy hain. How many more members are there in family?

    सिर्फ हम तीन sirf hum teen Only we three

    आप कितने साल से चेन्नई में रहते हैं Aaap kitenysaal sey chennai mein rahtein hai For how many years you have been leaving in Chennai

    मैं बचपन से चेन्निई में रहता हूँ Main bachpan se chennai mein rahta hun. I am staying in Chennai from my childhood

    क्या आपको चेन्नई पसंद है Kya aapko Chennai pasand hai. Do you like Chennai?

    जी हा Jee Ha yes sir

    चेन्नई मे पढने की अच्छी सुविधा है Chennai mey paddhaaee ki acachee suvidha hai. Chennai has better educational facility.

    चेन्नई मेरा जन्म स्थान है Chennai mera janma sthan hai.Chennai is my birth place.

    मेरे दादा दादी भी बगल वाले मुहल्ले में रहते हैं merey dada dadi bhi bagal waley muhalley mein rahtein hain. My granfather and grandmother also stay in nearby colony.

    पिताजी कहाँ कार्यरत हैं Pitajee kahan karyarat hain. here does your father work?

    पिताजी ने वी आ र एस ले लिया है Pitajee ney VRS ley liya hai . Father has taken VRS.

    वे एक बैंक के अधिकारी रहें हैं. vey ek bank key adhikaree rahein hain. He was a Bank Officer

    बैंक में किस पद पर विराजमान थे banke mein kis pad par virajmaan tthey . What was his position in Bank?

    वे निदेशक के पद पर थे vey nideshk ke pad par tthey. he was posted as the Director.

    कितने बरस या साल उन्होने नौकरी की. kitney baras yaa saal unhonay naukri kee. how many years he worked for?

    उन्होने तीस बरस की नौकरी की. Unhoney 30 baras naukri kee. He worked for 30 years.

    इस कालोनी का क्या नाम हैं Is colony ka kya naam hai. What is the name of the colony?

    हम इसे तिर्वाम्यूर कहतें हैं Hum isey thirvamyur kahtein hain. We call this as Tirvamyur

    कॉलेज कितना दूर है College kitna door hai. How far is the College.

    कॉलेज चालीस किलोमीटर दूर है College challees KM door hai.College is at 40 KM distance.

    आप कॉलेज कैसे जाते हैं Aaap college kaisy jaatey hai. How do you go to college?

    मैं कॉलेज बस से जाता हूँ Main college bus sey jaat hun. I go to college by bus.

    कॉलेज का क्या समांय है college ka kya samay hai. What is the college timings ?

    कॉलेज नौ बजे से चार बजे तक चलती है college nau baje se cchar baje tak chalti hai.. College fuctions between 9 to 4 pm

    भोजन के लिए क्या करतें हैं bhojan key liye kya karte hai. ? What do you do for food?

    वहां कैंटीन की सुविधा है.vahain canteen kee suvidha hai.? There is a canteen facility

    क्या आप चाय पीते हैं kya aap chay peetey hai. ? Do you drink Tea?

    मैं काफी पसंद करता हूँ Main Coffee pasand karta hun. ? I like Coffee.

    क्या तुरत काफी पीना चाहेंगे Kya turat cofffee peeena chahenge? .Would you like to have coffee immediately.

    जी नहीं शुक्रिया/ धन्यवाद jee nahin shukriya/dhanyawaad ? no. sir thanks.

    आपको खेल में क्या पसंद हैaapko keel mein kya pasand hai ? what do you like in games.?

    मुझे क्रिकेटबहुद पसंद हैं mujhe cricket bahoot pasand hai. I like Cricket very much.

    क्या आपने टीवी में मैच देखी Kya aapney TV mein match dekhee. Did you wat match in TV?

    जी हा Jee hain Ys sir

    गंभीर के सतक मुझे बहूत पसंद आयी Gambheer key satak mujhe bahoot pasand aayee. I liked Gamheer's century very much.
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  2. pbindu

    pbindu Silver IL'ite

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    Hi All,

    Looks like Marie got scared and ran away... :)

    Marie if you are still following this thread I would love to learn Swedish.

    And thanks a lot for all the posts. Especially relatives designations in Hindi... I did't knew Thaya etc..

    Thank you.
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  3. suresh56

    suresh56 New IL'ite

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    Dear Vidya

    I teach Hindi on line. I am in chennai.
    You can contact me. I am a Tamilian but brought up in Bihar for 30 years. I believe, I am not supposed to indicate email id, hence not done, in earlier comments, I have done by mistake.
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  4. vijayals

    vijayals Senior IL'ite

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    Woh / Usne
    Tum / Aap (respect)
    Aao / Aaiye (respect)
    Aaya ( he) / Aayee (she) / Aaye (plural)
    Will come
    Aayega (he) / Aayegi (she) / Aayenge ( plural)
    Kholo / Kholiye (respect) / Kholna
    Will open
    Kholega (he) / Kholegi (she) / Kholenge (plural)
    Baitho / Baithiye (respect) / Baithna ( to sit)
    Chalo / Chaliye ( respect) / Chalna (to walk)
    Khao / Khaiye (respect)/ Khana (to eat)
    Piyo / Peejiye (respect) / Peena (to drink)
    Jeetna(to win)
    Jaao / Jaaiye (respect) / Jaana (to go)
    I go
    Mein jaata hoon
    He goes
    Woh jaata hai
    He eats an apple
    Woh sev khaata hai
    He is eating an apple
    Woh sev khaa raha hai
    He ate an apple
    Usne sev khaya
    I saw the film last week
    Meine pichhle saftah film dekhi
    She came by bus yesterday
    Woh kal bus se aayee
    They went to the temple
    Ve mandir gaye
    He slept the whole night
    Woh raat bhar soya
    He wrote well in the examination
    Usne exam achcha likha
    He has eaten
    Usne khaa liya
    He had eaten
    Usne khaa liya tha
    He had gone
    Woh chala gaya tha
    He had come
    Woh aaya tha
    He will eat
    Woh khaayega
    He will go
    Woh jaayega
    He will come
    Woh aayega
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  5. vijayals

    vijayals Senior IL'ite

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    What is your name?
    Tumhara /Aapka naam kya hai ?
    Hai / Hein (respect)
    Tumhara / Aapka (respect)
    What did you do?
    Tumne / Aapne (respect) kya kiya ?
    What should I do?
    Mein kya karoon ?
    What can I do?
    Mein kya kar sakta hoon ?
    What are the questions?
    Kya sawal hein ?
    What were the questions?
    Kya sawal the ?
    What is the last question?
    Aakhiri sawal kya hai ?
    What is written in the letter?
    Khat mein kya likha hai ?
    What you had been told?
    Tumhein kya kaha gaya tha ?
    What will be the answer?
    Jawab kya hoga ?
    Why did you come?
    Tum / Aap kyon aaye ?
    Why did you sleep?
    Tum / Aap kyon soye ?
    Why did you tell him to go?
    Tumne use jaane ko kyon kaha ?
    Why did he bring the bag?
    Woh bag kyon laya ?
    Why did she pay the money?
    Usne paisa kyon diya ?
    Why did they sit there?
    Ve wahan kyon baithe the ?
    Why do you drive the car?
    Tum / aap car kyon chalate ho ?
    Why did they come late for the meeting?
    Ve meeting ke liye deri se kyon aaye ?
    How did you come?
    Tum / aap kaise aaye ?
    How did you sleep?
    Tum kaise soye ?
    How did you drive the car ?
    Tumne car kaise chalayee ?
    How did you write?
    Tumne kaise likha ?
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  6. vijayals

    vijayals Senior IL'ite

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    How many apples are there in my hand?
    Mere haath mein kitne sev hein ?
    How many did you take?
    Tumne kitne liye ?
    How much did he pay you?
    Usne tumhen kitna paisa diya ?
    How much distance to go?
    Aur kitni door jana hai ?
    How was the journey yesterday?
    Kal ki yatra kaisi thi ?
    Which way did you come?
    Tum / Aap kis raaste se aaye ?
    Which is your favourite colour?
    Tumhara /Aapka pasandida rang kaun sa hai?
    In which room did you sleep?
    Tum / Aap kaunse kamre mein soye ?
    Which story did you tell?
    Tumne kaunsi kahani batayee ?
    Which is the sweetest fruit?
    Sabse meetha fal kaunsa hai ?
    Which is the best newspaper in Hindi?
    Hindi mein sabse achcha newspaper kaunsa hai ?
    Which Indian state has the largest population?
    Kis bharatiya rajya ki jansankhya sabse jyada hai ?
    Where are you coming from?
    Aap / tum kahan se aa rahe ho ?
    Where did you sleep?
    Tum kahan soye ?
    Where is the manager’s cabin?
    Manager ka cabin kahan hai ?
    Where should I go?
    Mujhe kahan jaana chahiye ?
    Is it a book?
    Kya yeh kitab hai ?
    Yes, it is a book
    Haan, yeh kitab hai
    Is it the answer?
    Kya yeh jawab hai?
    Yes, it is the answer
    Haan yehi jawab hai.
    Will you come with me?
    Kya tum mere saath aaoge ?
    I shall come with you.
    Mein tumhare saath aaunga.
    Will you give me your pen?
    Kya tum mujhe apna pen doge ?
    Yes, of course.
    Haan, zaroor
    Do you love me ?
    Kya tum mujhe pyar karte ho ?
    Yes, I love you.
    Haan mein tumhein pyaar karta (m) / karti(f) hoon
    Can you give me your pen?
    Kya tum mujhe apna pen de sakte ho?
    Can you lift the box?
    Kya tum box utha sakte ho ?
    Can you write the exam?
    Kya tum pariksha likh sakte ho ?
    Did you have your lunch?
    Kya tumne dopehar ka khana khaya ?
    How are you?
    Tum kaise ho / Aap kaise hain ?
    I am fine
    Main achha hoon
  7. vijayals

    vijayals Senior IL'ite

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    Hope the above wud be useful, kindly bear with the format, as i tried a lot to arrange but cudnt.
  8. senkamal

    senkamal New IL'ite

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    Hi Suresh,

    I would like to learn Hindi online. Can u help me with that?
  9. raji_siv

    raji_siv Bronze IL'ite

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    Dear suresh and vijaya,

    Doing wonderful thing. very useful who want to learn hindi......thanks.....
  10. ashalatajaiswal

    ashalatajaiswal New IL'ite

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    dear marie,
    I am B.A. with hindilit,englit.& sanskritlit.& M.A. IN eng,been teaching these subjects to the children for so many years,it would be my pleasure to make u learn hindi

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