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Latest trends in jewellery???

Discussion in 'Jewelry & Accessories' started by meenaprakash, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. meenaprakash

    meenaprakash Silver IL'ite

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    Hi Vandhana,

    Wow, I would love to discuss fashion toooo.
    hey, where do we start??????????
    Shall we start with what is the latest trend in jewellery???
    everybody seems to be wearing beads & there's beads & beads everywhere.
    from small sized ones to big ones to evil eye beads of Greece
    I picked up a gems string from Jaipur - it's a long chain, stringed with different gems; sounds traditional but I think it would be perfect for a jeans and top tooo.
    the only jewellery I love is finger rings - it's never enough for me... and I'm always attracted towards gem stones except diamond...
    so, what is everyone wearing.
    last evening, myself & Deepu had been to Hall Mark & saw a white metal jewellery set, necklace & hangings for the ears... it doesn't look white but off white with rustic finish, the necklace has thick string of metal chain with a big pendant (star shaped )studded with red gems at the arms of the star & the ear set too had the star shaped hangings with red stones , was a good one but was wondering what to wear with.

    so, have I started with the discussion??? pls do give your opinion on wht kind of jewellery you wear with different kinda dresses, etc. etc.


  2. Tulasi

    Tulasi Silver IL'ite

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    australian cut diamond jewellery

    Hi friends,

    I heard in India this type of jewlery fashion and they are not as costlier as white diamonds. they are very shine and sparkle in the nights people are wearing it for reciptinons. do any body bought them can you please share the info if you you have seen them anybody ....
  3. Varloo

    Varloo Gold IL'ite

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    Dear Meena,
    do you watch Sahara One? You will be bowled over by the cosmetic jewellery the actresses wear in them, matching with whatevr colour their dress is. I like to see that, not wear such heavy ones.
    Last time I went to Trichur, i went to shop in the City Center. They have this chunky heavy jewellery and it looks so beautiful. But I cannot imagine any Mallu buying tha jewellery, they are all already heavy with solid gold ones.
    Do watch the serials in Sahara from 8.30 to 10.30 in the night and you will be struck.
    I prefer light, ethnic and modern jewellery, with stones or with out stones. But I must say that I am not at all interested in gold jewels now.
  4. Abha

    Abha Bronze IL'ite

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    Hello everybody

    if anybody has a chance to go to Delhi, do visit Chandni Chowk and u can find numerous shops for Kundan, Polki, and even the stones which really look like diamonds... they have the kind of variety that u can choose stuff that goes with ur traditionals and ur westerns as well...

    and great thing is u can get them custom made, right there and then,
    u can get the beads's color changed and make ur jewellery more heavy or make it light as per ur convenience and you can also design urself and they'll get things done right at that time..

    chandni chowk market is hub for traditional fashions.... u can find manufacturers there, who supply all over India and to the big brands or retailers which multiply their profits by multiplying their prices, so why not straightaway go to the manufacturers...

    happy shopping !

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