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Kolu Doll Is Made To Sleep On Vijayadasami

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Navarathri is over. Vijayadasami is the concluding pooja.
    It is a tradition that one or two dolls which have
    been in standing posture all the nine days are made
    to lie down on the tier throughout night and the
    next day ,kolu is dismantled in an auspicious
    hour and the dolls are packed and kept back in
    loft or almirahs duly protected against dermites.

    Do the dolls feel tired on account of standing on
    the steps all the nine days?
    If they are Gods and Goddesses, omnipotent
    themselves, why should they feel tired?My son aged 8
    used to ask such questions which were brushed
    aside calling him too talkative or adhika

    However as all other traditions, this also should
    have some significance.Though we are aware that
    God has no name,form or shape it is not possible
    for many of us to keep one such entity in

    Mostly we started imagining God as male or female,child
    or young boy or girl and wanted to see him/her
    beautiful with the best attire/ ornaments. We
    want to see him eat, sing, dance, play and also
    sleep like us.So we want to give rest as well at
    least for a day after troubling the devathas with
    poojas etc all the nine days.
    As dolls are compared to human beings,
    metabolism of sleep also applies to them.

    Sleep will be an energy conservation and rejuvenation
    process in the case of dolls, considered divine.

    There is another important explanation given for
    this tradition.That is consecration or
    kumbabhishekam.In temples, divine
    energy is maximum, and it gets depleted in due
    course within a period of 12 years and deities are
    re energised through consecration.It is the
    of restoring the depleted powers of the deity
    and destroys the negative energies in the

    Consecration is a live process. It is like this - if
    you create food from mud , we call
    this agriculture.
    If you make food into flesh and
    bone, we call this digestion, integration.
    If you make flesh into mud, we call this cremation.
    If you can make this flesh or even a stone or
    a doll into a Divine possibility, that is called

    Today, modern science is telling you
    that everything is the same energy manifesting itself
    in a million different ways. If that is so, what you
    call the Divine, what you call a stone, what you call
    a man or a woman, or a kolu doll ,are all the same
    energy functioning in different ways. If you have the
    necessary technology, you can make the simple doll
    into a Divine exuberance; The entire process
    of keeping the kolu is deification and making the
    doll sleep is akin to performing consecration or
    rejuvenation,after 12 months, since it is a house hold where energy gets depleted soon.

    The aim of human beings in this culture has been
    to come near the creator on any day, in this birth
    or subsequent births.It is with this awareness that
    every street had three temples; because even a
    few meters should not pass without there being a
    consecrated space. The idea was not to create one
    temple versus the other, the idea was that nobody
    should walk in a space which is not consecrated; The
    temple was always built first, and then houses were

    Evidently kolu is a form of construction of temple
    and performance of consecration on the
    Vijayadasami day in the
    form of laying down the dolls.
    Even people who are not able to keep kolu for
    the first few days, keep it on the 5th day and observe
    consecration on Vijayadasami day ,eager to earn
    the punyam of having performed the
    kumbhabhisheakam.By this process, it is said that
    surroundings of the dolls-the wooden box in the loft
    or almirah also get charged with divinity
    and the dolls are ever ready to be placed in the kolu
    for next navarathri for spreading divine vibration for
    the forth coming year.

    This is what I have heard from my mother 65 years back.
    I think that the
    questions such as whether the dolls
    need rest or the omnipotent requires sleep,etc
    can be answered with some conviction.

    jayasala 42
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  2. Thyagarajan

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    Very convincing of our time tested practices.
    Thanks for insights and illumination and enlightening.

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