Kesar Corn Kheer

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    Serves: four

    Time required: 15 minutes


    75 gm grated corn

    750 ml milk

    ½ cup sugar

    A handful of almonds, sliced

    A handful of pistachios, sliced

    ½ teaspoon cardamom powder

    A few strands of saffron, crushed


    Put grated corn, mild 9reserving one teaspoon milk for later use) and sugar in a large casserole. Microwave on high for five minutes without covering the casserole. Stir and microwave on high for six minutes more. Stir once again. The milk will turn fairly thick and the corn will get cooked.

    Add the almonds, pistachios, and cardamom powder, reserving some for garnishing.

    Dissolve saffron in one teaspoon milk and add to the milk. Microwave on high for two minutes. When cool, refrigerate the kheer till serving time.

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