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Kerala - The paradise on earth - a poem

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by sushdevi, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. sushdevi

    sushdevi Senior IL'ite

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    I am sushdevi,
    here is a poem by me for you all

    kerala ,the paradise on earth
    A slip of land grown dense with palms,
    is my land heaped with gloss.
    Life is so safe ,serene and calm,
    with bushy trees grass and palm.
    the blossoming plants look so proud,
    with virigin petals ,at their side.
    The path way through the worn out leaves,
    though unkempt ,are steped in peace.
    her silver streams flux with life
    like silver lining amidst the clouds.
    a scented breeze greets all its men,
    to sip and seek in her glorious den.
    the bronze hill tops and brambled leaves,
    screams aloud of it`s ripened hoards.
    the sea throws pearly waves,
    which spreads along the healthy shores.
    Pebbles turn with bubbly speed,
    as the river flow with no slight heed.
    the birds that sing are all so lovely,
    making the village all the more lively.
    such is the land i happen to be .
    the golden rays that kiss the hills ,
    are a bounty blessing from the skies.
    the star-lit top that adorns the night,
    makes the river down here so bright
    the Creator -the God -has lavished this land
    I thank thee with all my might.
    by sheela(sushdevi)

  2. ambika ananth

    ambika ananth Bronze IL'ite

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    a nice poem

    Hi Sushdevi,

    A nice descriptive poem on Kerala - truly picturesque place. While on our trip to the temple town of Guruvayur, we enjoyed the pristine beauty of Nature, seeing the lush green around through a screen of icy drizzle...it was a feast to our eyes.
    Keep posting more poems
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2005
  3. amudha

    amudha Senior IL'ite

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    Good one!

    Hello Sheela,

    It's a good one! Your poem is also very interesting like your photoshop art :clap

    We have been to Kerala (Palakad & Trivandrum) and enjoyed the place a lot. I have read about Kerala being described as 'God's own place' - because of the greenery, water and natural beauty. I realized it to be true when I visited the place.

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