Kamika Ekadasi Day

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    Dear ILIts,
    Human Birth itself is Superior to all specices of both Terrestrial and
    Marine Living Beings. This is due to the more punya performed by the jeevas
    in the form of Humanbeings. In this (Human being) form only "jeeva" can do
    Good or bad deeds( punya or papa karmas ) according to their choice to some extent. so a wise man/women in his/her human birth only will performm good deeds only to be happy in his/her future births.
    In connection with that, I am to inform you (All Ilits) that 9th Aug 2007
    Thursday, is Ekadasi day. This is called " K AMI K A EKADASI" DAY . THIS IS ALSO CALLED DEVA-SAYANI EKADASI DAY. THIS IS AN auspicious day.
    According to Brahma -vaivaswtha puana Lord BRAHMaA said to his son NARADA in the interest of public the importance of this Ekadasi day.
    To get Good merit(punya) one can do the following deeds.
    1) Observation of fasting on this day
    2) Worshipping lord VISHNU o KRISHNA with Tulasi Leaves,chanting and
    praying any one of these two dieties by bhajan or keertan or by reading
    prayer songs ,slokas etc
    3)better donating ( Daana) cows,TIL,rice to a Brahmin .
    4) Better to join with ISCON on that day to participate in their activities.
    Of course this is all depends upon one's own Belief and interest.

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