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Discussion in 'Jokes' started by mspurohit, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. mspurohit

    mspurohit New IL'ite

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    jokes. ak admi ak bakery ki shop par bread lene jata hai. vo dakhta hai ki ak kastmor bread ka bhav puch raha hai. dukandar bolta hai ch... ch....ch..char rupay . vo char rupay daker or bread leker chela jata hai. next costmer bread ka bhav puchta hai. to vo bolta hai ch....ch....ch... char rupay p.... p....p....pachase pasey. vo bolata hai mere ko 4rupay 50 pasey oor usko char rupay aasa kyo. tab dukandar bolta hai ki nahi aasi baat nahi hai. usne p...p...p...pachse pasay to bolne hi nahi diya.

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