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Jenita Husband Side of Story ...Christy....

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by sonalie, Jan 6, 2008.

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    on request of punitha
    here what i got in mail from a friend and also the story is on Fight Against misuse of Dowry law (IPC-498a) - Get Free Advice and protect against 498a

    Chronological Order of Events as per Christy
    thJuly 2007
    - Last day in Infosys since I got a new job in Greenville.

    31st July 2007 ​
    – Morning I traveled to Greenville around 5 am in the morning. At 2.40 p.m I met an accident in I
    77S near Yadkin County. All my family members where taken to hospital.
    I immediately informed my friend to call my Indian relatives &
    inform the accident since I have no idea of any phone number
    in India as my cell phone was totally smashed in that accident.

    Case Highlights​
    th Jul – Christy’s last day at Infosys. He has
    accepted an offer from another company in a
    different city and is scheduled to join on Aug 1
    st Jul – While enroute to the city of his new
    job. Christy and his family meet with an
    accident. [Accident Report from Police attached.
    Annexure 1]. Christy’s wife Smalin and his sister
    Leema sustain serious injuries and are in coma.
    [Part of Leema’s medical records attached.
    Annexure 2]. Christy’s father and mother also
    suffer injuries.
    rd Aug – Leema comes out of Coma. Christy’s
    mother is discharged from the hospital.
    th Aug – Christy’s father discharged from the
    Sep – Christy finds himself jobless, without
    health insurance and mounting medical bills of
    In the hospital I signed certain papers for operation for my
    Sister and Smalin. By the time doctors were performing
    operation on my fathers hand to stop the blood.

    st August 2007
    – I received call from my in-laws & I explained
    about the accident and said that 2 persons condition is very
    serious .I couldn’t talk to anyone for a long time since I am
    disturbed in a great way & I was breaking off, as I saw the
    whole incident & my loved ones in blood.

    nd August 2007
    - one friend of mine came to Hospital &
    bought me a cell phone & he was beside me for a long time.
    On the same day Smalin had a C2 fracture and I was in the
    waiting room till the operation end.

    rd August 2007
    – For my sister, doctors told that they are
    going to open the skull to remove the excess fluid from the
    cranial chamber. Operation was fixed in the evening but she
    came out of the coma in the afternoon hours. On the same
    day my mother was discharged from the hospital.

    th Aug 2007
    – Leema was discharged from the hospital and I
    was in the waiting room for Smalin’s Tracheotomy operation
    till the end.

    th August 2007
    – Leema is readmitted in the emergency
    ward of the hospital again.

    th August 2007
    – Leema was discharged from the hospital again.

    th August 2007
    – My father was discharged from the hospital.
    1st week of Sep. 2007, Smalin relatives where regularly updated on her medical condition. During this time, I
    used to visit Smalin regularly and followed all the instructions from the hospital staff to get her to recover as soon
    as possible.

    • ​
    When Smalin was in coma, I used to talk to her for hours to remind her of various incidents in our life. I was
    told that this would help her recover faster.

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    • ​
    .I used to keep a mp3 player with melodious songs that she likes and I make it a point that it is played all
    the time

    • ​
    As per Osteology doctors instructions I used to
    remove the gloves on her right hand and used to give
    some stretching exercises for the palm and fingers
    and also used to position the foot pad pertaining to
    traction unit to heal the fractures on her leg in faster

    Case Highlights (contd.)​
    rd Sep – Sebastian (Smalin’s father) comes to
    US after filing a police complaint against Christy
    and his family for torturing Smalin for dowry.
    Reports appear in local newspapers where
    Sebastian alleges “For the reason that Dowry
    was not given, I am suspecting that my
    daughter was made a part of this accident.”
    [Tamil Newspaper Report and it’s rough
    translation attached. Annexure 3]
    th Sep – Smalin’s relatives ransack Christy’s
    grandparent’s house and Christy is told to hand
    over Legal Guardianship to Sebastian.
    th Oct – Sebastian takes over Legal
    Guardianship of Smalin
    th Nov – Smalin is shifted to India
    st Nov – The story is broken to the media in a
    big way. It is claimed that Smalin sustained her
    injuries because she was thrown out of a
    moving car [IBN Live 21
    st Nov, 2007. Annexure 4]

    • ​
    I used to look into the traction per the instruction of
    doctors since when the shift changes for the nurses
    some might not align the legs properly

    • ​
    Since one of the nurses made a mistake in the
    traction and that has caused the left leg of Smalin
    with bruises caused due to the thrust caused by a bolt
    and that has left a wound on her left Tibia region on
    her leg. Due to this I once complained the nurse for

    • ​
    Also she had involuntary action due to that they tied
    her leg to the bed with some nylon belt and that
    caused a bruise on her ankles and I asked them to
    adopt some other method and hence they stuffed her
    leg with pillows so that the cushion would soothe her

    • ​
    When Smalin was in coma, I used to clean the sweat
    from her face.

    • ​
    I used to massage her foot using the technique I
    learnt from Yoga
    In September, I was told by my new company (that I had not
    been able to join because of the serious condition of my wife
    Smalin and other family members) that they need someone
    who can concentrate on the project and given my family
    conditions, I should spend my time taking care of my family.
    Essentially, they withdrew the job offer.
    I was without a job and hence medical insurance. The coverage provided by the auto insurance policy has already
    run out and the costs for the treatment were mounting. Later hospital pressurized me to discharge Smalin & take
    her to Home or shift her to Chennai. So I informed Justin Raj (Smalin’s brother) through Telephone that I need to
    talk in person to Sebastian & inform him, the need to shift her to India & the treatment to be taken after that
    period. Even I insisted Justin till 12
    th Sep 2007 that I need to talk to his father.
    Even though I was traumatized by the accident and its aftermath and was hardly in a position to work, financial
    conditions forced me to look for a new job. I began a job search in earnest to take care of my family.

    17th Sep & 18th Sep 2007 ​
    – Due to job interviews in Charlotte (3 hours away from the hospital) and other related
    problems, I could not visit the hospital, like I usually did.

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    th September 2007
    – With the medical bills climbing to $350,000 and having run out of insurance coverage and
    all other options, I told the Patient relationship director that I do not have the means to pay the medical bill nor do
    I have the financial capacity to shift Jenita to India.

    Case Highlights (contd.)​
    th Dec – A case of torture and dowry
    harassment is filed against Christy and his
    Family. [Newindpress.com 19
    th Dec, 2007.
    Annexure 5]
    nd Dec – NCW takes up Samlin’s case saying
    that the case would be referred to Ministry of
    External Affairs and “top priority would be
    accorded to her case to prosecute them (Christy
    and his family)” [The Hindu, 22
    nd Dec, 2007,
    Annexure 6]
    On that day they asked permission from me, whether they
    can permit Sebastian to see his daughter. I approved the
    same and said that there is no issue.

    rd September 2007
    – Sebastian came & saw his daughter
    in Hospital from 2.15 PM to 2.25 pm. This was informed to
    me when I entered Jenita room around 2.30 p.m along with
    my sister.
    (visiting hrs for acute care in the afternoon hrs is 2 to 3.30

    th September 2007
    – Through a local newspaper in India, I
    came to know that he came to USA after giving a complaint
    to Trichy Police station that we pushed his daughter out of
    car for dowry sum. I was shocked to see the photos of Smalin taken in Hospital without my permission.
    So around afternoon I went to Amanda (Patient relationship director) and gave her the news clipping along with
    the photo & asked her who did it. She said that she would investigate the matter.
    After that I used to receive calls from India, where by the other side would threaten me stating whether I am
    planning to kill Smalin with the help of hospital. This kind of call continued till 3
    rd Oct.2007.

    th Sep. 2007
    - Sebastian family members entered into my house along with Goondas & looted my house things in
    Trichy plus they have beaten my grandfather & forced him to enter an auto in knife-edge & made him to board a
    bus. They also said to him that I am trying to kill his sister & that’s the reason I am not accepting change of
    guardianship to Sebastian

    st Oct 2007
    – I received a call from India with indecent words and things which cannot be revealed .So finally I said

    nd Oct 2007
    – I informed Amanda to go ahead with the guardianship change in favor of Sebastian. I also informed
    that I would never turn up to the court since I don’t want to see the face of Sebastian.
    Oct 5th 2007 I received calls from India in late hrs, e.g. 1 am or 3 am .So after that I will switch off my cell in the
    nights hrs & switch back in early morning hrs alone.
    In Oct middle I was informed that Smalin was out of Coma & Amanda later confirmed it. But Amanda told that
    since the guardian has changed, I need to get permission from Sebastian to see his daughter. I said that’s ok.

    Nov. 10​
    th 2007
    - I was informed that Smalin is going to be shifted to India on 14th Nov. 2007. Later the same was
    confirmed by GEICO claim manager since GEICO has released a sum to Smalin & I was informed by the claim
    manager that hospital accepted Sebastian to take that amount.
    Once she landed in India, from day one they are repeating the same story said by them from 23
    rd Sep. 2007 to local

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    Injuries Suffered by my Family in the Accident​
    1. My sister was in coma for a few days and had severe head injury including injury to her brain. She had
    multiple fractures on various parts of her body. The extent of her injuries can be gauged by her medical
    reports [ Annexure 2 ]
    2. My father was also having a serious injury, till date his left hand is completely paralyzed. He had C4
    fracture & fracture on his nasal bridge. Due to the compression caused in the spinal cord his nervous
    system got affected and his left side part of the body was paralyzed. Now he can walk slowly but his left
    hand is still paralyzed.
    3. Mother got a spinal cord injury & the spinal sprain is still uncured.​
    Layman’s explanation of Leema’s injuries as per the medical reports obtained (Annexure 2)
    Page 1​
    Leema Pillai had an endotracheal tube in place and was on a ventilator when she arrived at the level II trauma
    center. This would suggest that the medical staff had concerns about her being able to breathe properly on her
    own (or possibility of compromised airway). She had a deep cut to the back of her head that had been sutured. She
    was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with the diagnosis of fractures of the skull, thoracic and lumbar spine, and
    left hip. The medical staff was also concerned about the likelihood of brain injury. A brain scan was ordered along
    with a Neurosurgical and Orthopedic consult.​
    Page 2​
    The brain scan showed that Leema Pillai there was bleeding around the brain (under the skull fracture).
    The abdominal scan showed that there had been bleeding in the left side of the pelvis (along with the hip fracture)
    that was compressing the urinary bladder. Urine exam showed blood in the urine.
    X-rays of the vertebral bodies showed - multiple bony fractures of different parts of the spine.
    The lungs were either collapsed or bruised.​
    Thought provoking Questions​
    1. The claim is that Smalin “was made a part of this accident” because sufficient dowry was not given. This seems
    to suggest that the accident was staged. Why would someone stage an accident where his own sister is injured so
    seriously that she is in coma and suffers skull fracture and brain damage and his parents suffer serious injuries as
    2. If Christy’s family was indeed pushing Smalin out of the car, why was a case not registered against Christy and
    his family in the USA?​
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    hope the future is better

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