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Izahare Ishk & Valentine day – Indian context

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jaishree9, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. jaishree9

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    Izahare Ishk & Valentine day – Indian context
    To day is Valentine day as we all know. Actually I have come to know about it from only last few years, in my college life & even after that I never heard about any such day.
    Now we can label every day for some or other special day.:crazy
    Although we had our own Valentine day in form of Basant panchami & basantoutsav in our old history & literature. But now as we want to label ourselves modern we celebrate V-Day Or rather college going kids plan for this event with all the enthusiasm & secrecy from parents in most of the cases & middle aged parents worried & praying to God ( :help )that nothing untoward happens to their kids on this day.
    Parents worry becoz these what I call Valentine Romeo & Juliet affairs are only due to emotions of the moments & peer pressure in most of the cases & did not last long .
    The Vows & promises extracted with each other don’t see next valentine Day in many cases.
    By the time next V-Day comes the Romeo & Juliet are changed may even be before that.
    On this day I see almost all TV channels running massages of love with all sher-o-shayri
    May be many parents must be wondering looking to these massages that this priya or Ruchi or Ankit or alok is he their kid or some one other and to whom he/she is giving massage?. Or some gossip loving aunt or uncle wondering & relating the identity of names & spreading it to all.:idea:idea
    The newspaper now carries a full page of these massages with the declaration that best massage wud be given a prize.
    This entire affair it seems to me has gone out of hand & many girls & boys suffer due to such massages given in their name by road side Romeos.
    Yesterday night I was watching AajTak & their the correspondent was telling that in Mumbai u can have ur Valentine for one day by some agencies which can provide u ur valentine Indian or foreigner depending on ur choice ,only u have to pay a high amount .
    Haven’t we in this age has make every commodity a salable item including Love?.
    The market is flooded with gifts & cards & flowers.
    Some people say this all hype of Valantine day is due to Market funda to encash the feelings of Youth for their profit..
    I read around 20 crore rs SMS & 50 crore worth of flowers & cards & gifts are sold toddy.
    Imagine the plight of parents whose daughter got such massage in paper & poor thing not knowing who the fellow is or is known as a Badmash in the area & the amount of harassment due to it.
    I believe most of the youth may not be knowing actually who was valentine. He was actually a saint imprisoned by some emperor as he used to spread massage of peace & humanity & love for all humans.
    What u thinks about it?
    Does true Love needs all this public display of stolen sher-o-shayri & Promises.
    What I feel is that True Love is one which stand the test of time it comes with understanding each other over the time, it doesn’t require overt display.


  2. mums

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    Good questions.

    In colleges juniors are forced to buy roses, cards , cake from stalls put up by seniors.

    May be we change our perception about spending a ton on that particular day to prove love.
  3. swarnalata.N.S.

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    There is no harm in celebrating love - of any kind. But why make it so commercial ? Making young people think that only chocolates,cards and teddy bears can convey love . But what to do, our Magazines and T.V. ned to make some big tamasha out of everything, so they develop such craze.

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