It’s About Private Space For A Celebrity

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by indubalram, Dec 12, 2021.

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    I was watching a show where a celebrity is commenting on private space and people questioning them.
    I felt this needs some discussion and opinion from others.
    It’s about a show that is in national tv for everyone to watch. Which includes small kids to adults. In that show a girl and boy talk secretly and hug each other . And another person on the show is asking them are you in love ! For which the celebrity is saying that individuals should be given their space and should not ask! I feel that is completely wrong Bc once you are doing certain things in front of a camera. There is no private space

    Once you become a celebrity you need to understand that you have a social responsibility. Whether you are doing things in public or in your bedroom you have to understand that you are being watched. Every thing comes with a price. All your fans are like your children and you need to have a fear that people will point out to you. You can’t place border line! If you are a guru first u have to be perfect only then you can teach others otherwise you will not be heard! I want to know your opinion on this! Please share! Thanks
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    Is this KH from BB?:)

    I think everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.People talk out of convenience.
    KH knows he cannot oppose them and then public will defame him coz no matter what should be careful not to defame.

    KH is a liberal person an has always been an open book and hence he supports them.

    One thing I agree is “Being a celebrity comes with a price“..

    They want fame but also want ironical? They know that is not possible and knowingly jump into it and then get upset.

    Yes they are expected to behave a certain way and they are also aware.

    media and movie stars are in power to Influence the vulnerable society.
    So they have to be responsible.

    The movie influence is wide spread in the society.Be it dressing or expectations...society is brainwashed into being something they are not or not actually they want to be.

    Also, the public should also remember movie stars are just normal people and not Gods! Blindly getting influenced is also not right.
    One should stop hounding these celebs for selfie and stop treating them larger than life and inflate their ego. That’s where the problem starts.

    Both celebrities and public should understand reality

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