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Is Tamilnadu State Board syllabus OK?

Discussion in 'Schools/Playschools/Daycares' started by Smile4U, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Smile4U

    Smile4U New IL'ite

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    I am looking around for an LKG admission for my kid and I was wondering if the new stateboard syllabus is ok (Samacheer Kalvi.) I see a lot of parents wanting their kids to join CBSE. Is Samecheer kalvi that bad?

    Also the age limits are different for these schools, it appears. For CBSE schools, the child needs to be 3 and a half years old whereas State Board schools usually want the kids to be only 3 by June of that year.

    If there are parents who have their children in the new state board syllabus, please do share your thoughts and experiences.

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