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Irregular Periods. Any Remedies To Induce Periods..

Discussion in 'Gynaecology' started by gknew, Jan 3, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I am having irregular/delayed periods.. Had this problem last year and consulted a gynac and she prescribed meprate tablet to induce periods. And advised to take BC pills for 4 months to regulate the cycle.
    I had taken the pills for 4 months and the cycle becomes regular. Now, again there is a delayed period. Had my last period before 2 months. Am sure, am not pregnant and no pcos. I have put on more weight in the couple of months. Could that be a reason for delayed period.

    I am currently in US and don't have meprate tablet available here. Is there any over the counter medicine available to induce periods? Any home remedies?
    Any suggestions on this pls.


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