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Inspiring And Amazing Story Of 'gauri Sawant' The Trans 'mommy' From Vicks Video

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Sandyr46, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Society told her that she is not a woman; but she became a mother. They told her that she has no rights of her own, that she does not exist in the eyes of the law; yet, she took in an orphaned girl to protect her right to a happy childhood, so that another little girl doesn't get trafficked and disappear into oblivion.

    As an impeccable embodiment of the best of human nature, Gauri Sawant makes for a formidable woman.

    No, it's not her crisp cotton sarees that bear the unmistakable appeal of an Indian woman of the world, or her Usha Uthup-esque bindi. It's not even her eyes, when she looks at you dead on and speaks to you with buoyant confidence.

    It's knowing about the terrifically bold life decisions she has taken in order to reach this stage. A boy with feminine tendencies that he felt were too precious to lock away in a closet, Gauri Sawant, born as Ganesh, decided not to change to match her sex, but to change to match her identity. And after growing up devoid of the pleasures of family, she decided not to be deterred by her social status in this regressive country, and resolved to mother a family-less child, in order to make sure no one meets a similar fate as her.

    After Vicks recently identified this icon and documented her journey to demonstrate that care, love, and a sense of family must go beyond class and gender, we tracked her down ourselves—and found that her real story was even more heart wrenching and beautiful than the one shown in the campaign, which went viral and has clocked 13 million views and counting.
    By Binjal Shah.

    Check out her video here

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    Great share. I would have never known.

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