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Discussion in 'Jokes' started by roopadadia, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. roopadadia

    roopadadia Silver IL'ite

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    Have You Ever Been Guilty Of Looking At Others Your Own Age And Thinking, "surely I Can`t Look That Old?"* Well... You`ll Love This Tale From A Woman!!*

    I Was Sitting In The Waiting Room For My First Appointment With A New Dentist.
    I Noticed His Dds Diploma, Which Bore His Full Name.
    Suddenly, I Remembered A Tall, Handsome, Dark- Haired Boy With The Same Name Had Been In My High School Class Nearly 40 Years Ago.
    Could He Be The Same Guy That I Had A Secret Crush On, Way Back Then?
    Upon Seeing Him, However, I Quickly Discarded Any Such Thought.*

    This Balding, Gray-haired Man With The Deeply Lined Face Was Way Too Old To Have Been My Classmate. After He Examined My Teeth, I Asked Him If He Had Attended Morgan Park High School

    "yes. Yes, I Did. I`m A Mustang," He Gleamed With Pride.
    "when Did You Graduate?" I Asked."
    He Answered, "in 1968. Why Do You Ask?"*
    You Were In My Class!" I Exclaimed.*
    He Looked At Me Closely. Then, That Ugly, Old, Wrinkled, Bald, Fat, Gray, Decrepit Son-of-a-bitch Asked,*

    "what Did You Teach?"*

  2. arch174

    arch174 Senior IL'ite

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    :bangcomp: I always thought people see others as they themselves are
    like evil find evil in the opposite person
    jealous find other person jealous..on & on..
    ur story turns this theory on its head..whatsay?

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