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Indian culture

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka Raghavan, May 19, 2007.

  1. kanaka Raghavan

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    Dear friends
    Recently there was a snap of Aishywarai with her husband in the newspaper attending the cannes film festival.The dress she was wearing was not at all suitable for the occasion.I feel when India is being showcased at such international events the best way is to attire oneself in our traditional sari.Does the dress she was wearing equal her conjeevaram silk sari?Even the most expensive sari she got for her wedding would have suited the occasion better.I fail to understand one thing we need not follow suit with the westerners,we have got our own tradition and culture.I do not say that they should be wearing such dresses but there other occasions for it.These film stars are supposed to be the so called ambassadors of our nation why don't they do a better job?
    yours affly kanaka raghavan

  2. shreyasri

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    Re: Indian culture- my views

    dear kanaka,

    after having come out of India,my love for our soil has grown and i u/s better how sensible our social values are. i wish to share my views on the topic put forth by u.

    1) we are proud that India is projected on the international stage as an "emerging giant". though, a vast majority of the extensive populatn is still struggling for growth, there are many progrssing v.fast- in economy,trade, education, many other things. we can't exist in isolation. when we interact with other world nations, we take many things from them in the process-
    clothes are not an exceptn.
    hardly any of the young girls today wear saris. this change reflects in the film stars.

    2) before women started wearing saris in india, there were other simpler forms of clothing outfits. then came saris(many diffnt ways of wearing saris which we have abandoned for one pattern), we (in the south)shifted to salwar suits and now we can't stop this onward march. change is inevitable after all. like, we started eating pulav and pizzas.

    3) i observe that women of even the most conventional communities outside india wear jeans/skirts. that doesn't mean they have given up their tradition.

    4) there is always a regard everywhere for our social values and morality. do we need film stars to carry them as our ambassadors?

    let's be true Indians in following good principles. we need not wear only khadi to be a true gandhian.there are many of his good teachings to follow.

    what percentage of the generation today reads the Gita? do we have to be indians only in eating chapatis/idlis and wearing saris/salwras.

    i have not said these to counter-state your thought or defend aishwarya. i just exprssd my views on it.-the other side of the coin.


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