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Indian Children in US

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by Hopefloats, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Hopefloats

    Hopefloats New IL'ite

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    hi all

    I am kind of confused regarding raising children here. Can people in similar situation drop in their ideas?

    If you are planning to settle in India, what is right age when you should take your kids back? We should also keep in mind whether they will be able to adjust to the new environment and the right age when it will be comfortable for them.

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  2. Roshni

    Roshni Local Champion Staff Member Senior IL'ite

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    Interesting question

    Hi Hopefloats,

    That's an interesting question about raising our children here in the US. How long and when do we want to take them back to India?

    First of all, we as parents should decide when we want to go back to India for good. If we have strong reasons behind that decision, we will be able to convince our children whatever be their age and get them adjusted and comfortable with India's environment.

    In my opinion, if we have decided that we want to go back to our country at some point in time, be it a girl or boy child, we need to raise them telling this fact that one day we are going to be back to our country. We also need to take them every year to our home country to get them familiarized with the environment and family there. This is to ensure they are aware and familiar about our home country.

    Hope my opinions are of some help!

    - Roshni

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