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In The Heart Of Mumbai: Wadala-matunga's Charm

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by gamma50g, Oct 9, 2023.

  1. gamma50g

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    In Mumbai's heart, where life takes its stance,
    Lies Wadala, a charming, vibrant expanse.
    Connected to Mumbai's pulse, a city's embrace,
    It thrives with a unique, lively grace.

    Five Gardens bloom, nature's vibrant show,
    Where serenity and colors softly flow.
    Amidst this oasis, the evening's golden ray,
    Guides us on our way to Matunga's display.

    To Matunga market, we eagerly wend,
    Where vegetable and flower stalls never end.
    The sweet scent of jasmine fills the air,
    As skilled hands string them with delicate care.

    Yellow jackfruits, ripe and supple, are seen,
    Fleshed out of their fruit, a tropical dream.
    Green vegetables, a cornucopia to behold,
    Their vivid hues and freshness unfold.

    Heavenly aromas, a culinary delight,
    From Ram Ashraya, a beacon of light.
    Devotees throng, their faith so strong,
    Shankar Matt, Asthika Samaj, and Bhajana Samaj.

    In Wadala and Matunga, a tale's weaved,
    Where Mumbai's essence is truly believed.
    A harmonious blend of tradition and trend,
    In this city's heart, our souls, it will mend.

    I wonder when I will go back to see
    The place that will always be home to me.
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  2. iyerviji

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    Awesome poem . I also miss Mumbai where I was for 55 yrs
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