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Impressions of Egypt by Douglas Misquita

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by Mohur, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Mohur

    Mohur Gold IL'ite

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    I usually do not read non-fiction, but this short travelogue captured my attention and I decided to give it a chance.

    Douglas Misquita travelled Egypt for a week and this is his way of sharing the beauty, culture and his personal experiences of the place. I have never been to Egypt myself and my notions about the place is built up based on what I have seen in movies or read in form of backdrop of fictions. Thus, I am not an expert on the place. The book manages to capture Egypt in its true essence, or shall I say what feels like its true essence. The author has managed to put in a lot of details and facts about the place. The detailed descriptions helped create an image in my mind while reading. It was so easy to get lost in Egypt through this book. To the author’s credit, he has kept his language and narration style simple. It almost feels like the author is telling you about his experiences first hand instead of you reading about it in a book. As a result, it feels too short of a book and leaves you craving for more. The only fault I can pick on is its cover. Its Egypt – the author could have made a better and more attractive cover.

    An interesting and captivating read for anybody who loves travelogues and/or are curious about Egypt.

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