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Ilites' Bonanza:Mommy Bloggers' EBook

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by deep2008, May 16, 2010.

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    My Dear Fellow Ilites & Bloggers

    It is indeed heartening to see the Mommy Bloggers ebook, the sweet fruit of hard slogging put in by the IL team.Kudos to the compilers of this fabulous ebook.This superb collection of blogs is a mirror reflecting mindset of supermom of 21st century who not only consistently strives to fulfil her professional obligations to perfection but also wants to carryout maternal obligations to utmostShe types on the keyboard of her PC with as much ease & deftness as with which she changes the nappy of her infant Today’s super smart mom cooks a variety of sumptuous dishes with the help of various magazines or net, searches net or psychology based books to get useful parenting tips. .As you will read the different blogs you will get glimpses of the various nuances of motherhood at its best.The underlying theme of almost all blogs is the joy, delight,sense of fulfillment, contentment experienced by mothers of all times.I am indeed sure mothers of young as well as grownup children would immensely benefit by going through these blogs as they are intrerspersed with gems of great wisdom,advice & truth.Some blogs focus on the earlier generation of mothers who were simple homemakers & their life revolved around their progeny.They are the symbol of sheer selflessness,sacrifice,profound love, affection,devotion & dedicationto to the wellbeing of their children which almost urges us to bow in reverence for them.
    Thus we can say that this ebook is a celebration of the spirit of motherhood.
    I do hope you all will make an effort to go through all these blogs & won’t hesitate in giving your valuable feedback in the form of comments which encourage a blogger immensely to indulge in more & more flights of fancy & produce worthy blogs replete with different shades of human life.
    Once again cheers to IL & all its bloggers.



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