IL Treasure Hunt Final Questions - Set 1

Discussion in 'IL Treasure Hunt - 3rd Anniversary Contest' started by varalotti, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Most Gracious ILites,

    Team C congratulates the treasure hunters who have entered the finals.

    With Finals we have a different set of rules.

    1 The Finals will be for seven days ending on the date of IL Anniversary, i.e .29th March, 2008.

    2 Only the 51 ILites who have been declared Finalists are entitled to participate in the finals. Answers sent in by any other ILite will not be considered.

    3 There will be two questions every day in the Finals. You will have to answer them both.

    4 Every day in Finals will be an elimination round. Only those who get the answers right on the 1st day (ie. 23rd), will move on to participate in the 2nd day(24th) and so on. Let me repeat, even if you get one of the answers wrong, you can't continue in the competition.

    5 The questions are bound to be tough in the Finals. It is possible that with toughness some degree of ambiguity might creep in. Team C has had enough discussions on the questions and answers. Needless to say Team C is well-equipped to handle any issues on ambiguity and that the decision of Team C is final.
    Best of Luck

    Here are the questions for Day 1, Finals - March 23rd 2008

    Question 1

    How long did it take IL to grow from 250 members to 500 members?

    Question 2

    How many recipes has Mrs. Chitvish given in her Shakambari thread as of 15th February, 2008?

    You have time till 9 AM Indian Standard Time, 24th March 2008 to send in your answers.

    Take your time. Search for these particular pearls in the treasure garden of IL. Once you know the answer...

    1) Go to your private message section (on top right corner below the login section).
    2) Click send new message.
    3) In the Recipient/User name type the word "Contest" as username.
    4) Type "Answer for March 23rd Question" in the Title field
    5) Type the answer in the body of the message and click submit message.
    6) Please do not send in multiple answers. Only the first answer sent by you will be considered.

    You are on the path to being a winner.

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    Dear Friends,

    Answers to the Final Questions on Day 1 (23rd March, 2008 ) are:

    1. It took 2 months for IL to grow from 250 members to 500 members.

    2. 134 recipes was given by Mrs.Chitvish in her Shakambari thread as of 15th Feb 2008.
    Note: 133 recipes are also counted as the right answer.

    Reasons being:
    - In the Shakambari "Index" thread - the Bitter gourd gravy indexed by Chitvish is actually a recipe given by another member Prathi. So those of you who have excluded this recipe, and gave the count as 133 are also right.

    - In the Shakambari "Recipes" thread - excluding the above said "Bitter gourd gravy" recipe and a duplication of "Saag paneer recipe", the number of recipes is still 133. Those of you who excluded these two and gave the count as 133 are also right.

    The name of the finalists who qualify for Day 2 are listed in this post.

    Thank you, Good Luck!
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