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Discussion in 'IL Treasure Hunt - 3rd Anniversary Contest' started by varalotti, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. varalotti

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    Here's the Question for Day 4 - March 4, 2008

    In which forum will you find the thread "Fussing Over Fuzzy Logic"?
    Most Gracious ILites,

    You have time till 9AM Indian Standard Time, 5th March 2008 to send in your answers.

    Take your time. Search for this particular pearl in the treasure garden of IL. Once you know the answer...

    1) Go to your private message section (on top right corner below the login section).
    2) Click send new message.
    3) In the Recipient/User name type the word "Contest" as username.
    4) Type "Answer for March 4th Question" in the Title field
    5) Type the answer in the body of the message and click submit message.
    6) Please do not send in multiple answers. Only the first answer sent by you will be considered.

    You are on the path to being a winner.

    PS: The March 3rd question will be closed at 9AM IST today. No more entries will be accepted for the same. The right answer to the March 3rd question will be posted shortly in this thread.
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  2. Vandhana

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    Back here again with the answer and results for Question 4.

    In terms of difficulty, Team C decided to give you a " wide" so to speak in cricket lingo. It was a pretty easy question.

    The answer is : Personal Technology Forum. If you have given additional information as in the Author's name, under which main forum this falls under, then thats okay.

    If you have given only the author's name, then we cannot consider the answer right , since the question asked was " Which forum?" ..

    We had a total of 59 responses. 57 of you have given the correct response. 2 wrong.

    We have as of today 80 contestants and we keep adding new contestants daily. So please remember to send in your answers everyday to increase your chances for the final round.

    See you again tomorrow.

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