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If you become a MIL, what would you do??

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by puni88, Jul 14, 2007.

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    I would think of my DIL as a HUMAN BEING and treat her with respect. My MIL thinks that she can treat me anyway she likes because she is THE MIL and I am "only" her DIL! She told me so - I told her that giving birth to a son doesn't entitle ANYONE to treat a fellow human so badly. Of course, being demented, she will never learn.

    She is full of false pride (poly gauravam). People laugh at her behind her back and I have even been asked sly questions by my husband's Maamis about how MIL is treating me. She talks in a loud voice and thinks everyone is aftaid of her - in truth, people just make fun of her and have jokes at her expense.

    I feel sorry for her. This is such a SAD life to lead. I give her royally now and she is afraid of me now - she thought I would take her BS. Um, sorry, MIL, I give back as good as I get. Net result - she is on her own in her old age. Husband can take care of her, I won't lift a finger for her, as harsh as that sounds. She has hurt me so much that I am beyond caring for her.

    If I have a son (I have a daughter now), I will know how NOT to treat my DIL since I learned from the WORST MIL on the planet. I will treat her like my daughter but won't expect her to call me "Amma" or want to replace her mother. I will also remember that she is a human being with feelings and emotions. I will also remember that giving birth to a son does not entitle me to treat her like a slave or expect her to put up with my BS.
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