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Identity of an eligible bachelor

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Remanambiar, May 24, 2010.

  1. Remanambiar

    Remanambiar New IL'ite

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    “ Hello”
    “ Yes ..hello”
    “ Sir I am calling regarding the profile of your son I came across in You n Me Matrimony ……”
    “Oh yes ..its my elder sons…. Id 123”
    “Sir we are interested. Its for my daughter .She is 24”
    “Okay… and what is she doing ?”
    “She is a graduate”.
    “Only a graduate…..why ?”
    “Well her ambition is to be a good housewife and mother and so….”
    “Oh okay. but we are looking for a professional at least an MBA you see my son is a software engineer ….so we want the girl too to be a professional.”
    “Oh alright. .Just thought you were looking for a wife for your son and not a business partner .My mistake ….sorry…. and good day”.

    ID 456
    “Hello ….is this 934325….”
    “Yes ,it is ..how may I help you ?’
    “Madam, this is regarding your son’s profile in U n Me matrimony”
    “Oh okay ….is your daughter’s profile in it too?”
    “Yes her id is 001.”
    “Is her photo too attached?’
    “Yes maam the picture s are there.”
    “Hmmm …let me just check …pls hold on.”
    “Sure.” (pregnant silence ….only sound of my heartbeat is heard )
    After 20 minutes
    “Hello !I got it but ,,,she is not so fair”
    “No… she is wheatish.”
    “That’s the problem …we are looking for a fair girl.” .
    “But maam your son too is not fair ..h es quite dark …….”
    “That’s the problem ….we don’t want his children to be dark so if the girl is fair.. their children will not be so dark .”
    (phone disconnected……by me ….tongue tied at her practical logic)

    ID 789
    “Hello sir, I am calling regarding your sons profile”
    “Yes ….horoscope match is a must and most important.”
    “Exactly …so we have gone ahead and matched it with my daughter’s .Its compatible and other things also seem good.”
    “Have you checked it well ?”
    “Yes of course ..there is a good’ papa samya.” ‘
    “Thats not enough. Where is the Saturn standing ..is it in Jupiter’s house or mercury’s?”
    “Ummm.. I am not sure about that ..can I check and let you know? .Any thing else I need to check?”
    “Yes ..check the position of Mars and sun . They should not be in their own house but should be looking at each other .The Venus should be in the seventh house and the sun in the ninth house .Please also check the position of the stars after ten years as in my sons horoscope there is a problematic period after 10 years and another at the age 58……”
    “Okay sir,will get back to you .” I cut the call ….. head reeling under the strain of the information received and wondering when would all the stars be in place for his son to get married
    ID 890
    “Sir ,I am calling in connection to a proposal for your son .As per our conversation yesterday I had forwarded my daughters bio data and horoscope.”
    “Yes yes …I remember …Id 001 right?”
    “That’s right .We have found the horoscope to be matching and we are happy with the other details .So may I know your thoughts on it ?”
    “Yes ..we too feel it’s a good match…but just want to know if tour daughter is proficient in singing or dance ..You see my son is a lover of music and dance and wants a wife who can dance and sing.”
    (A vision of m daughter of in a bharatnatyam costume greeting her husband at the door in the evening flashed in my mind )
    “Sorry sir. .all my daughter can do is hum a few lines . I believe you want a performing artist for your son and not a wife .so…… goodbye and all the best.”

  2. kainaath

    kainaath Senior IL'ite

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    very well written, but it is actually a fact too in some cases.
    most people are nothing looking for the love of their life but a money minting machine, a doormat for the house, a beauty pageant winner etc.
    Last edited: May 24, 2010
  3. mithy232

    mithy232 Silver IL'ite

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    Hilariously written....but how true it is?!

    I am expecting another post from you where you can talk about the expectations of girls. We do give equal play to the guys nowadays ;-)
    Last edited: May 24, 2010
  4. Cheeniya

    Cheeniya Super Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Rema
    A hearty welcome to IL-Good to read Forum!
    It is an interesting commentary on the Indian Matrimonial market.You have captured the very essence of it in your own delightful way. All Indian men of marriageable age are eligible bachelors assuming, of course, they are not married. But even there, we find desperate parents of girls marry off their daughters to even thrice married guys. The newspapers are full of such stories. Girls have to possess a million skills to aspire for a mediocre man. A very sad situation really but it is a fact of life.

    I look forward to your active participation in this forum with such wonderful posts!
  5. Mythraeyi

    Mythraeyi Silver IL'ite

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    That was funny! Most parents of boys think they are God's gift to women and expect the moon and the sky for their sons!!!
  6. Mindian

    Mindian IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Rema,

    A hearty welcome to you in IL and to snippets. And if humour is your forte,I shall make that " heartiest welcome" indeed!:)
    That was a humorous post depicting the scene in the matrimonial market and I enjoyed it. :)But just a little curious to know if it is still very much a mans world out there especially since there are many accomplished girls doing so well nowadays.
  7. Amma15

    Amma15 Gold IL'ite

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    Dear Rema,

    A very humorous post. I start my sundays with the Hindu matrimonials - I find them hilarious.

  8. kelly1966

    kelly1966 Platinum IL'ite

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    hi Rema...
    your commentary was toooooo realistic and toooooo funny.....
    I love the way you've managed to bring out the satire in the situations...
    The parents of the eligible boys will consider their sons to be gods gift to the young marriageable age girls...

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