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Husband's eating habits

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by MeenLoch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. MeenLoch

    MeenLoch Silver IL'ite

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    I am not sure if this should be posted in the Me and My Spouse thread. It s about eating habit. So I go on.

    My husband is a junkie. With loads of control, I have reduced his intake of junk food. I try and make food at home. But when he comes back in the evening from office, he has to attack the Salted Peanuts. He finishes the average tin in 3 days. He s a bit possesive about me using the same tin. I mean he gets seperate ones if i want. Also he wants Maggi ( 450 cals in a bar of maggi) sometimes. Or he ll want bread with butter spread.
    I am shifting to sundals and veg spreads slowly, but he just cant resist himself from picking the can of peanuts / grape juice or other sugar laden drinks in large quanities. Ice creams I missed on the list. He HAS to have ice-cream after dinner. He s got a 5 ltr bucket for himself. And consumes 4 scoops every night. His BMI is correct , below 25, mine is above ( so i too have to moderate and lose some weight), but he has systolic low BP and high chances of getting type 2 diabetes ( family history and eating habits).
    In fact I wanted to arrange for a fake doc and scare him...heheh

    I am lil scared. It s just 2 months since I came, the whole thought of him having eaten all this for an year scares the hell outta me. He feels I am paranoic about food habits and I stress too much on it. yes, I do read calorie info before buying everytime, but isnt that important. So what I want to know is 'how do i deal this' ?

    I am pretty sure many other women have the same problem. ILites please throw some light on this.
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  2. asharao

    asharao Senior IL'ite

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    Hi! MeenLoch,

    I suggest that you take an appointment with a dietician alone first and seek his/her help and then fix an appointment and go together.Let the dietician give him a chart of the calories etc consumed by your hubby in each dish which he consumes and see if it makes a difference.That might throw some light on him.

    Maybe the others can come up with better suggessions.



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