How / When do I quote another member's post in my reply?

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    While Quoting posts, "Quote only when necessary, Quote only whats necessary"

    Step 1 - click on the [​IMG] button to quote a post. Do not use it reply to a post. To simply post a reply, use the [​IMG] icon at the top left and bottom left of the thread.

    ---- Quote1.jpg

    Step 2 - Delete whatever isn't necessary to provide context for your reply. Quoting the entire post is rude. Add your own response below the quoted post and click "Submit Reply.

    ---- Quote3.jpg

    Note: It is not always necessary to quote another member's post when you post a reply. Do it only if necessary, like you are responding to a member who had posted long back in the thread, then you want to quote their original message and respond. If you are responding to a recent message it is not required to quote. You response can be related well.

    Otherwise, just to post your reply only in the message thread, use the 'post reply' button seen at the top and bottom right of the message thread.
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