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How To Tackle Verbally Abusive Mil

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by Needtobestrong, Mar 1, 2020.

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    :hello:I like your choice of adjective. Thank you.

    2. But I guess it should not be difficult to find remedies. Think of the universe of pain, either one heals it with application of cream of kindness or and by taking dispassionate views putting his or her shoe into the tormentor’s. The solution comes easily. One should blank it either on tormentor’s side or on the side of affected.

    3. Knowing that I am a staunch theist, once there was a question to me by an atheist cum fellow IL IN A SPIRITUAL forum.
    • If God gives apparition to grant me one wish, what I would ask?
    • The same person desired to know what question I would ask if God permits me to query Him?
    Could you guess what were my answers to these. Easy.

    Thanks and Regards.

    God - help me with impossible:difficult I can tackle myself.

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