"How to manage going on vacation after having kids? "

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    So you have been longing for a vacation for the past two years and your busy schedule coupled with the fact that you have kids has limited you from leaving at the drop of a hat. You are not alone in this dilemma. Most young families across the world face this problem. The trouble with very small kids is the attention they require and most holidays together turn out to be an endless list of chores. It is also difficult to leave them behind as you might end up spending the rest of your holiday fretting about their well being.

    So what should you do?

    There is really no easy answer to this quandary. A number of things depend on your unique circumstances. Holidays are necessary to help you recharge and spend quality time with your spouse and children and though planning takes some time, it is best that you spend time planning rather than not taking a holiday at all!

    One of the options, which many couples practice is that they leave the child or children behind with a trusted family member when they go for a holiday. It is usually the grandparents and though you might think that this might have an adverse effect, you will be surprised to note that a bit of planning here helps the kids adjust very well! Here are some tips on what should be done if you DO plan to leave the kids behind:
    1. Make sure you go on a short trip usually not exceeding a week. It is also advisable that you go to a place which you can return from quickly should the need arise.
    2. Make adequate provisions for the children while you are away such as a stock of their favorite food, toys and some treats which can be left with the care taker.
    3. Leave a handy reference sheet with emergency numbers of the doctor, their medical records and handy numbers for contacting you. It is better to be prepared and never have to use these emergency number rather than face an emergency and then panic!
    4. Depending on the age of the kids, talk to them before you leave rather than just slip out. This will help them react better to the situation and adjust much faster.
    5. While you are away, give a call to check on them BUT avoid doing it during meal times. Hearing a screaming child on the phone is sure to ruin your vacation.
    6. Don’t mope while you are away! Have some fun so that you are in good spirits when you return and you can enjoy your time with the children.
    If a reasonable support structure is not available and there is no way you can leave the children behind, then here are some first hand tips on how to make the most out of your vacation:
    1. Choose a place which does not involve too much of traveling to get there. This way you have the least hassle during travel times and at airports.
    2. Pick a child friendly place to be in. There should be enough activities for kids to participate in. Avoid hilly locations as the children then end up facing climate as well as terrain changes.
    3. Set some ground rules with your husband if you do not want to be burdened with all the activities during the vacation. ‘I make them eat, you make them wash’ is a doctrine which must be explained to him in advance if you don’t want to have a holiday which makes you all grumpy.
    4. Spend on baby sitting while on vacation. Any decent hotel will provide an option to get a baby sitter so practice it and spend some time together as your take in the night spots.
    5. Pack well and carry all mobility related items such as strollers etc. Do include a foldaway back pack and all necessities which you think you might need. Carrying items in small carry packs will be the best as it does not increase your baggage weight too much and
    6. Relax when on the trip. Getting frazzled during the vacation will ruin it for all of you. Don’t worry if all things do not go as planned.
    I am sure there are many other tips which can spring up when this topic is discussed….use common sense and have a good holiday
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    Good one

    Thanks for sharing the article. It is very true that taking a vacation with kids needs a lot of thought and planning. I hope the tips given will be useful to parents. I surely will make use of the suggestions given.


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