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How To Keep Myself Awake For A Late Evening Course?

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by Anusha2917, May 8, 2021.

  1. Tubinbataye

    Tubinbataye Gold IL'ite

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    Actually the body,the mind everything must be exhausted and wanting to rest,with a 7 month old you're tryna run extra mile which is applaudable.
    1.Staring at the monitor for sure will make you sleepy.Try sipping some hot tea,Have a flask nearby,sip sip sip
    2.Blink as much as possible frequently(roll your eyes to a full circle to reduce eye strain and tiredness)
    3.Try cold shower
    4.Do a little accupressure(pull your earlobes,rub back of your hand between thumb and index finger)
    5.Squeeze a soft foam ball

    Try one after the other and let me know whether you can combat those 30 minutes:hello:
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  2. Flyhigher

    Flyhigher Gold IL'ite

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    Kudos to @Anusha2917 @Angela123

    These were the few things that worked out for me.

    Instead of sitting and listening to your entire class try to get up and stand in between maybe for every 30 minutes. If possible switched to standing desk and bar stool or else try to adjust your desk or keep your laptop in a position so that you can stand and listen to lectures for few minutes.

    No wearing comfy clothes like sweaters/cardigans or anything which makes you cozier.

    Adjust the room temperature so that you could sit comfortably.

    Have chewing gum or carrot slices in between or drink green tea.

    Take notes in a color-coded way.
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