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How To Introduce Spicy Food To Kids?

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by peddadas, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    Happy Friday all of you,

    I have been following so many topics in IL for so many different reasons.

    I simply love this forum.

    Here I am with one of my questions:

    My 6 year old (2nd kid) eats ok, as long as it is not spicy. Not Spicy means absolutely 0% spicy. I live in US(East Coast) , NOVA area. With the amount of allergies and weather conditions I think (totally personal choice) she might catch less cold or fight cold if she could eat some level of spicy foods. It gets hard to travel/visit friends etc too with this constraint. Could any of you give me some tips on how to introduce spicy foods to her? Here is what I do:

    1) Add little chile powder in dal tadka etc.,
    2) curries also i add a pinch of chile powder.
    3) Add black pepper(miriyalu) to rasam and I make her drink some soup with pepper powder..

    Other than these nothing more..

    Any tried/known/heard tips would help.

    Thanks a ton ladies.
    Have a great weekend.
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  2. GeetaKashyap

    GeetaKashyap IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi peddadas,

    This is how we introduced spice to our kids. Some kids may prefer bland food as a personal choice, give them space. Slowly reduce making separate foods for them. As they grow older, they will automatically settle for your family level of spice consumption.
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  3. silentlistener

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    Pediatricians advise the same thing; no separate food for the child should be made after it has crossed the month of 9.

    From 10th month onwards , the baby should be able to eat the family diet, which every adult in the family eats.

    It is our mistake that we assume that the baby intestines do not tolerate spicy food. So we make separate food for the babies, without spices. That is a mistake.
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  4. Amulet

    Amulet IL Hall of Fame

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    Nice comment. That is how it happens.

    Food has to "look" good on the plate, as well as taste good. Really "boring looking" food does not take too long to become boring in taste as well. Separately served food tend to look and feel so boring.... eventually. Airlines do this rather well. Most special-order foods (vegetarian, kosher, low-salt, diabetic, vegan) are all terrible looking/tasting things; people who travel frequently would finally recognize that they'd be better off with the regular beef/chicken/pasta and eat what they can, and skip the rest.
    Make it as boring looking as possible. And make sure the child is (as much as you are able to) eating with one of the adults, who is enjoying colourful food. And making appreciative noises, and comments while doing it.

    I thought salt/pepper added McDonald French Fries were addictive like Cocaine to the children in Amreeka.
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