How to deal with Fear?

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    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]All negative feelings are related to fear at the same time all positive ones are related to love, thus, doubt, anger, envy, vengeance, shame and jealousy are a form of fear on the other hand, trust, compassion, joy, gratitude, appreciation are associated to love. All emotions are an important part of ourselves and should be welcome and never avoided, when you detect a feeling coming to you, as it happens hundreds of time each day, let them in, do not resist them as to do so is to generate stress.
    The best way to react to negative feelings of fear and doubt is to accept them as they come in to your body energy centers, as this happen internalize and experience the tension in your chest, pit of the stomach or throat, analyze your thoughts do not resist them. Remember, you can never change the person or event causing the pain, you can either react in anger and blame yourself or others for what is taking place or you can react with love and trust toward yourself another person or circumstance generating the fear.

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