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how to convince him

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by visala, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. visala

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    i want to do aksharabhyasam of my son in basara but my husband not ready for that. he always says i don't have any leaves so we will do hear itself.when my mil
    asks him to take to her native place he says that i have leaves i will also come with u and sends me to my moms house.for the past 4 years it is happenning like this. i want to change this man.
    my mil haven't done any function to my son i.e.,annaprasanna .but they only have done is birthday. all his relatives are asking me why haven't u done that function all that.wat should i reply if i say anything about them thay understands bad about me( says always complaining).
    if their is any function my mil and h only goes there.they always avoids me.
    recently i took all the household work by fighting with her(which she does to herself and her son but not to me and my son).it looks like i am a tenant in that house. so i quarrelled with her by elders support.now i want to change a little more i.e., i am a part of his life too so that he thinks about me.

    wat should i do?

  2. GMReddy

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    dear op,

    ask your hubby, when he has leaves so that you can plan to go to basara for aksharabhyasam...

    have you asked your hubby and mil about why they are not taking you to the functions?

    you can gently point out to your hubby that he is getting leaves when his mother goes to native place, but not for when needed by you...

    have you discussed with your hubby that you are being treated as tenant instead of as part of the family?

    make it clear that you want to be treated as part of family...focus on one or two important aspects where you want to be taken into consideration and point them if they are ignoring on those aspects...

    best of luck...

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