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How to Celebrate KARVACHAUTH!!

Discussion in 'Delhi & NCR' started by RiddhimaT, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. RiddhimaT

    RiddhimaT Platinum IL'ite

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    I need to give a speech on "How do Indians celebrate Karvachauth festival" to a group of married NRI women.

    I need to explain all the customs and rituals that are performed during the day. On a broader sense, it should include:

    1) Fasting/ No fasting: Taking scenarios like, if pregnant or not well etc.
    2) What to wear : Some compulsory accessories that should be worn like bindi, bangles, magalsutra etc.
    3) Till what time to eat before keeping the fast.
    4) What you give your mMother in law
    5) What your mother in law gives you
    6) Evening Prayer
    7) What to do after moon rise?

    If there is any other information too, please let me know.
    Will look forward for your inputs.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. ManuSethi

    ManuSethi Senior IL'ite

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    Celebrating Karvachauth totally depends on a family and its traditional rituals. In general, its a custom to wake up in the morning and after having your bath, puja , you can have an early breakfast till the time you see the stars in the sky. This meal is usually known as SARGI and should include a sweet, coconut, saviyan, badam (though in small quantities) and whatever one wants to eat.
    Whatever one eats in SARGI should be taken in another 2 plates, one for eating and one for giving it to any married lady.

    After sun rise, your fasts starts. Though many married working women now a days keep fasts with fruits since this option seems to be comfortable because of their active and hectic schedule. Many do not take any food or water ( Now this again is a personal choice)

    Evening say around 4-5pm , one is allowed to take tea/coffee/milk( any liquid except water) after having their karvachauth katha.

    And then the main meal is only taken after the moon rises and after worshiping and offering the first food to the moon.

    Hope this helps!

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