How old are you?

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    An Inspirational Story, Motivational Story -
    How Old Are You?

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]By Catherine Pulsifer [/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]If we did not know our age, some of us would appear to be very young, and some of us would seem very old.
    Sometimes, people use age as a convenient excuse. "I'm too old to start something new", or, "I couldn't learn that at my age." Other people, though, go on to achieve their greatest accomplishments in life in later years.
    Take, for example, Colonel Harland Sanders who started franchising his chicken outlets when he was 65 years old. Up to the age of 90 years old he traveled 250,000 miles a year visiting KFC franchises. He not only overcame personal and business adversities, but more importantly, he didn't let age stand in his way!
    Feelings lead to attitudes, attitudes become beliefs, and beliefs become the basis for actions.
    <CENTER>It is not important how old you are;
    it is how you feel, how you think,
    and what you do that is important.
    To quote Satchel Paige, "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was."

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