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How much scientific bend of mind you have?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Tamildownunder, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Tamildownunder

    Tamildownunder Bronze IL'ite

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    Dear ILites,

    Our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam wanted all Indians to inculcate a scientific bend of mind. In that respect, I am happy that some ILites who after reading my stories which were scientific fictions asked me very inquisitive questions and I am glad that I could give them satisfactory replies.

    In our day to day life lots of scientific developments are happening. For example, people in U.S are very much used to using the GPS (Global Positioning System) wherever they go. My daughter in Phoenix was once not ready to go on free ways lest she may lose her way. But, now with GPS she goes to all the places. She took me to Grand Canyon and some local temple in Tempe all with the help of GPS. I explained to her how GPS works and what are the developments in which the laboratory where I am working (National Institute of Standards and Technolgy) is making great strides and one scientist has already won the Nobel Prize in Physics for this work.

    We hear a lot about 'Global Warming' which is of great concern to every one. Already, in Australia some drought situations are threatening due to Global Warming. You might ask 'What I can do and how it is going to help'. Each one of us have a moral responsibility to avoid calamities and leave a world for our progeny worthy of living. So, you should understand what is Global Warming , how it is caused and then 'what one can do' will become clear.

    Nuclear scenario is horrifying. It has taken the world to the edge of total destruction. We hear a lot about the Nuclear Deal between India and U.S. if you understand what nuclear energy in peaceful applications can do, you can appreciate the deal better.

    In the U.S to create the scientific bend of mind among people there are lots of popular scientific magazines. The foremost is 'Scientific American'. In U.K, The National Physical laboratory has a successful program of taking science to schools.

    In India, I have seen Science being taken seriously by the Bengalis (it may be because of Jagadish Chandra Bose and others). They do have several popular programs. India has the fourth largest body of scientists and it is growing. It is this power that will take India to the top.

  2. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi raman sir,

    well written.....

    ....recently went to an science exhibition by kids...there is a real change...you have to see the models by these school kids...really amazing...i wish there were more scholarships to encourage these people....

    We never knew about the person who was making railway models until his model was displayed in germany..museum...(We are ignorant of our own achievers...)

    There are lot of kids who come out with beautiful and simple inventions..We have the scientific bend.... with a little push and support i think we are in for greater heights......

    My contribution starts at home..the moment my keyboards gonks...it is opened..the circuits are explained to my children....

    The awareness about global warming is there.....my son wants to start a nature club to plant more trees...
    so a little awareness and lots of resources...india is on the march.....:2thumbsup:
  3. Vysan

    Vysan Gold IL'ite

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    Dear TDU,

    Yes I agree with you that Global Warming is a big concern and we have to take steps starting from individuals to the Govts on this aspect.... All policies and guidelines unless implemented remains in the papers only... It has to generate from the individuals....

    I agree with Shan that we dont know our own scientists and somebody else has to identify and show to us...

    Though in the Finance profession, trying to keep little bit updated in this field...

  4. So Sure

    So Sure Senior IL'ite

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    Hi Tamizha,
    Thankyou for starting the awareness of Science and Technology in IL.
    Each one of us have a moral responsibility to avoid calamities and leave a world for our progeny worthy of living. :yes:
    I agree with you on this. My contribution to the world is, i use as little polythene (plastics) as possible. I'm an "organic" person.
    In India, people are now looking at other professions other than Doctor/Engineer. I was so thrilled when I read "The world is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. I took it was a compliment to the Indians and their awareness of technology. It was a wake-up call for Americans and I quote George Bush, "studying math and science would help their own futures, as well as the economic health of the United States."

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