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How He Shared His Suckle

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, May 24, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    How he shared his suckle as a small child:

    I was very happy to note that both me and my sister were pregnant with a small difference of just one month, and we were quite apart, I in kolkata and she in her in law’s place, so once we came together for delivery in 1979. I was the usual self of vomiting and not eating anything, whereas that being her first child she was all wonderful and her husband vijay to take care of her.

    The pains started In the first week of September and she gave birth to a nice bounty male child, now my mom was not up to the mark, so I helped out, carrying special food as he was born with jaundice and no mother’s milk, so boiling fresh half a banana and straining and carrying the liquid for the poor fellow early morning who had to depend on out side food. Carrying him over a small tiny bundle sitting outside the ward under the morning sun, was a wonderful experience as he slowly pushing his tongue back and forth and drinking what I gave him…

    Once he came home the giving bath and so many other things as diet for her, it was a full time job with my widow aunt pooling in for us. Then I had my baby by the month of October and we had a lot of bringing up the kids together, when my child was crawling[thavazharadu] her son was still on the floor pushing up with his arms[neechal], and it was fun to see one crawling and the other still pushing, while she happily crossed him with her height he was still pushing himself on the ground. Lullaby sung by both me and my mom to put them to sleep at the same time. With one thooli inside and the other outside as there was not much space and he would insist I put him out side and patti must sing for him, or feed him or wash him after his toilet, sometime my mom used to be tooo tired, but he wont allow me to, so I leave him just like that, he would wonder then come over to get washed as there is no other go..LOL

    As the months rolled by, he was very clear in his speech and my doll was still so full of the baby language it was tough for all initially to catch what she said, both eating together, going to bathroom, together and so on, the food was mostly given by my sister with a little seasonal vegetable and some rice and dhall all put together what I and mom did were heat and mash with a little ghee and feed them.

    Every evening this is a phenomenon to be seen to be enjoyed, after the bath both dressed up waiting for my sister to comeback from work, and the first thing she did was wash her self up and lie down to breastfeed him, and all the three of us watch this scene with great interest, my sister’s husband vijay my mother and me, with my little one just standing there. Once he is finished with his drinking he would get up and tell “ippo nee kuchuko”
    Now it is your turn and happily my little one would slide and start drinking milk from my sister, till date she feels she is her chota mom and my sis has better precedence over matters where she is concerned..

    Even now he is very possessive about her, it is nice to see them all together..
    Regards sunkan

  2. sathya

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    hello akka

    guess you forgot
    the 180 deg swing
    on kodukapuli tree

    they say sisters
    or co sisters
    should not have
    children together
    as it can be a

    but its fun
    to have more than one
    at the same time
    as bringing up
    can be difficult
    but a memorable one

    not lightly said
    creates an
    everlasting bond...!!


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