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Hope And Chocolate, Love And Kisses ❤️

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jan 27, 2022.

  1. SuiDhaaga

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    Month after month
    Year after year
    I sit in this chair
    And I pretend not to care

    You gave me hope
    You gave me joy
    You were cuter than
    Any furry toy

    I see your fat little feet
    Trot across the floor
    I see you grow
    And reaching for the door

    You were the lotus in the muck
    You were my joy
    Even though ever told me
    I can go f***k

    Alas it wasn’t meant to be
    Perhaps it was too dangerous
    Perhaps it was destiny

    Just like fear
    We have hope
    Let us try to remember this
    When we are at
    The end of our rope

    Perhaps we will see each other
    Very very soon
    We may be on the Earth
    We may even be in the Moon

    We can only pray to
    God who is around us
    No matter how much
    Chaos and sadness surround us

    But remember one thing
    Life is meant to be beautiful
    The Sun will still shine
    The flowers will bloom
    Maybe I will Kiev
    To see you as a beautiful bride
    In the lovely month of June

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