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Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Feb 7, 2023.

  1. jayasala42

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    Did you know that one of the first coins in the world had a bee symbol on them?

    Did you know that there are live enzymes in honey?

    Did you know that in contact with metal spoon these enzymes die? The best way to eat honey is with wooden spoon, if you can't find one, use plastic.

    Did you know that honey contains a substance that helps your brain work better?

    Did you know that honey is one of the rare foods on earth that alone can sustain human life?

    Did you know that bees saved people in Africa from starvation?

    One spoon of honey is enough to sustain human life for 24 hours?

    Did you know that propolis that bees produce is one of the most powerful natural ANTIBIOTICS?

    Did you know that honey has no expiration date?

    Did you know that the bodies of the great emperors of the world were buried in golden coffins and then covered with honey to prevent putrefaction?

    Did you know that the term "HONEY MOON" comes from the fact that newlyweds consumed honey for fertility after the wedding?

    Did you know that a bee lives less than 40 days, visits at least 1000 flowers and produces less than a teaspoon of honey, but for her it is a lifetime.

    Thank you, BEES!

    Jayasala 42

  2. umaakumar

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    Dear Jayasala,

    Wonderful information.
    I remember when we were growing honey was given to us. Especially to have the bitter medicine. It was mixed with fruits and given as an evening snack.
    Today doctors say honey is bad for children especially infants. Honey has so many health benefits.
    It is the best relief for heartburn. Half spoon mixed with warm water can help heartburn almost immediately.

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  3. swarnamary

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    wow... what a good information...

    seems like good habit to have honey on daily basis.. will try it out.
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  4. Thyagarajan

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    Dear madam sister @jayasala42,
    Thanks for the sweet questionnaire honey Akka.
    For all your dozen questions my short answer is oNly a big NO.
    Thanks for enlightening.

    But Is it true that slathering honey immediately on burns on human body will leave the affected area free of scar?
    Is it true bitter powder or tiny balls prescribed by aurvedic or homeopathy doctors mixed with honey is therapeutic?

    Is it true honey slathered on hair on human head would turn it grey?
    Is it true in and during honey moon, there is no carrying on honey?
    Is it true a spoonful of honey mixed in little warm water and swallowed in empty stomach on the can accelerate shedding weight considerably in 48 days?
    Is it true honey swallowed in night after dinner or meal will cause adding weight?
    Is it true “honey” is spouse in times of anguish or exasperation? Is it true honey serves as substitute word for tamil word “ Saniyane”?

    Is it true popular Indian brands of honey reported adulterated or substandard?Is it true cottage honey sold by KVIC is far better in quality than popular brands?
    Is there a snap test available to determine and distinguish genuine honey from adulterated stuff?
    Is it good to use bath soaps containing a blend of honey, turmeric and cucumber?
    Is it true honey is pakka replacement to white sugar and jaggery?

    Is it true uttering honey-laced words open the hearts?
    Is there a one chemical formula for HONEY?

    The chemical formula of honey is C6H12O6. This is because honey is comprised mainly of hexose sugars, such as fructose and glucose - for Sugar C12H22O11
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