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Home Chores/cooking/catering Services In Mandaveli/adyar/mylapore Neighborhood

Discussion in 'Personal Services' started by startinganew, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. startinganew

    startinganew Finest Post Winner

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    Hello All,

    Would any of you have any recommendations for maid agencies in Chennai who could help us find someone for regular cooking as well as home cleaning help on a daily basis? It would be for ~2 hours everyday.

    If you know someone personally who is looking for a new family to work with - please let me know their contact details via PM.

    Or if you have any other websites or ways I should be looking for this - please share that too.

    Or any catering services that will deliver low-oil, low-salt meals on a regular basis would be helpful too.

    Thank you.

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