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High school admission at Montgomery,New jersey

Discussion in 'Indians in Edison' started by adrija, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    we came to New Jersey 1 month back from India residing in Montgomery twn on L1 visa...I have 2 children's with age of 16(son)& 11(daughter).They had there studies in India till 10th & 6th....Most of the kids I see here are in school at very early age...unlike my kids...based on our resident kids are eligible at Montgomery high school...

    My kids would face lot of transition when changing from Indian pattern to Us......we have a counsellor Appointment next week for my elder son, who would get admission in 11th grade...

    Would anybody please help me to know about things which I need to keep in mind during counseling & after school reopen..

    Do We need any preparation for counseling???if so what???
    what sort of problems kids might face???
    What is that kids might be missing with late entry into U.S. School stream??
    Thank you

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