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Help us with details of Figo,Polo and Punto

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Cindhuja, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Cindhuja

    Cindhuja Gold IL'ite

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    We are planning to get a new car very soon.We have decided to choose one among the following

    Ford Figo,
    Volkswagen Polo,
    Fiat Punto

    Though we have analyzed a lot we need your inputs too :hiya. Please share your experiences and feedbacks here.Thanks all :cheers
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2010

  2. orion80

    orion80 Platinum IL'ite

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    Given a choice, i would opt for the Figo Titanium (tdci)

    Figo positives:
    1. Good value for money
    2. Excellent seating position
    3. Good drivability (diesel)
    4. Spares and servicing will be cheap as 90% of the parts are manufactured in Chennai plant
    4. Wider dealer network than Fiat or VW

    Figo negatives:
    1. Interiors are not wow like Polo
    2. Looks seem plain to many but i prefer usability to looks

    Polo positives:
    1. Petrol engine performance is better than petrol figo
    2. You got to love the interiors
    3. Better looks than Figo but depends on individual tastes

    Polo negatives:
    1. Very limited dealer network
    2. 3 cylinder petrol engine which loses steam on highway

    I wouldnt consider this car at this point of time as Fiat is known for bad after sales service and Punto sales are falling alarmingly, but....

    Punto positives:
    1. Lots of features, especially blue and me comes in very handy but there are similar after market fitments availabe too

    Punto negatives:
    1. Build quality not upto the mark: height adjustment lever fell off when i went for a test driver
    2. Fiat after sales service, though improved a lot, still has a long way to go compared to others (this is about bangalore)

    **Points above are strictly my views. Please take a test drive and feel the cars before you finalize on one. Test drives influence the purchase decisions a lot. Happy purchasing..


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