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    hello everyone,
    December is many things to many people
    Dec is the last month of the year
    Dec is also the musical one
    Dec finds many people pondering over the year just gone by
    Dec is also a time to think of new year resolutions
    Sometime in the last week of Dec, you find magazine sections of almost all newspapers list the happenings in the year just gone by. They also give interviews by famous writers, polititians and other successful people of how Their year went by.. They say they were delighted to see this movie or that... or that they met someone great.. or about a nice holiday.. for the first time in years they spent sometime with dear mom.. or some scientific marvel etc etc
    What would you say if somebody asked you.
    ``Hey V.I.P how was the year for you?"

    I'm just curious to know what some of us would say to such a question.. i shall give mine after u reply!!


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