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Heavenly Nature’s Call

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Thyagarajan, Jul 26, 2021.

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    :hello: HEAVENLY NATURE’S CALL :hello:

    If the call doesn’t arrive on time, it is hell of a problem. If the call comes in right time at the right moment in right place it is great relief. If timing goes haywire, as in travel in a bus or in a jam packed train it is still worse. My friend couldn’t watch rest of the proceedings in a court; another in a theatre and cinema. Reason some bottled drink or beverage from shop in the vicinity. But on the highways or national highways, it is some what ok.

    Watch video below: Wondering what that queue for?

    its a A world class toilet facility* for the benefit of weary travellers on the Bengaluru- Chennai corridor highway. NH44 .

    Located in krishnagiri 80 km away from Bangalore in Karnataka state in South India.

    This video shows the Pay and Use"* facility, which is a part of the *Swach Bharat* campaign.

    It's called *LAVATO*
    Initiative taken by Mr Naveen Singh , founder & MD
    Clean quest services Pvt ltd .

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    However... in the annual physicals, one would be in the toilet, holding a plastic tumbler with an ominous indelible mark for the height for the minimum quantity of sample the technician wants. And you had "already given at the office" before you got to the medical clinic.

    Running and sloshing waters are supposed to get the heavens help those not getting the call. Running the tap in the sink or a couple of empty flushes are the usual tricks. When Moses was parting the red sea to lead the israelites, such a lot of sloshing waters may have got a huge number of them needing the facilities on that road... like that Lavato.... what did they do ?

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