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Heavenly Intervention

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Laskhmi as usual sat down at her laptop tapping away her thoughts,
    Someone at the gate, yes! Madam my name is kuppuswamy is lakshmi madam here,
    Yes, come in, after he walked in he just sat down and said, I have come to see your daughter and lakshmi was puzzled, out of the blue why would he want to see her daughter, then he said you have advertised in the tamil daily about seeking an alliance and I am a auto driver and my friend who is also a auto driver with his own auto is interested in this alliance so I have come.

    Lakshmi just sat down with shock which was too much, because she has never given any ad in any of the papers and was not anticipating any either. They were a upper middle class and had never anticipated an auto driver for a son-in-law, and now this who has put this ad and what have they mentioned about her family for this response. Though angry she could do nothing, she asked her elder daughter to tackle this, and sharada just calmed lakshmi and told him that they are not having any girl in the house for marriage and sent him..

    Next day again another old couple landed up, lakshmi amma is there, and they came in with flower, plantains and other things to see the daughter, and this time too sharada intervened and told them please though we are on the look out but for an educated man with a MNC work and salary, as my husband is also from that cadre, as they looked very tired she offered them some coffee and then sent them on their way….

    Afternoon a car came and with a laptop a gentleman seeking alliance for his brother in law who is working for infosys, wipro and accenture taken up sanitation works has his own guest house allotted and car allotted, but the horoscope after tally and some tea, is not matching at all to proceed further…

    By the after noon post lakshmi had a pack of mail to be sorted all seeking alliance and they were in the age group of forty whereas her daughter was only 25, she became more anxious as to who is next and what should be done. After sorting the mail all she could see were the people all from some very low cadre for her to handle and some no match at all, in total of some more than 120 mails she could only see if one or two can be seen..

    Now who could be so concerned that they have given this free ad and what have they mentioned for people to approach, when the phone rang bringing her out of her thoughts, sharada kept asking the lady yes, what was written in that ad, immediately the voice at the other end, you people cannot afford a good marriage but a simple one, so my brother who is 38 also wants a simple marriage, now sharada was seething, there is a variation and she is only 25 and we can wait thank you for your kind interest…

    However much we ponder or find out the milk has been spilt in a great volume, so to do anything is futile so she just bore the brunt. Who knows who is next and what could be the next episode, lakshmi felt at least once if she could see the ad or get to know who ever took so much of interest… still awaits for the person to ask about the response…regards sunkan

  2. Sindhuja

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    Dear Sundari,
    I really cannot imagine how shocked your friend Lakshmi would have been. I am trying to put myself in her shoes. Hope your friend gets the copy of the ad soon and get things solved.
  3. Manjureddy

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    Dear Sunkan,
    Thats a real nasty shock for anyone. Hope yr. friend solved the riddle and found peace at last.

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