Healthy Mixed Rice

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    Ingredients: (For a family of 4 members)

    One and a half glasses of rice; two or three table spoons of sunflower oil; 2 teaspoons of methi dana; one and a half tea spoons of black pepper; salt to taste; two handfuls of grated fresh coconut(optional); one tea spoon of mustard; two tea spoons each of black gram dal and chenna dal; 3 table spoons of groundnuts (optional) and coriandar and curry leaves for dressing.


    Cook the rice in three and a half glasses of water in a cooker. Spread the rice on a flat based basin and allow it to cool.

    Dry fry the pepper and methi dana and powder them in a mixer. Boil the 1 and a half table spoons of oil in a pan and add mustard, black gram dal and bengal gram dal. After the mustard stops spluttering and the dals are fried red, sprinkle the seasoning on the rice. Boil the remaining oil and roast the groundnuts. Add this also to the rice. Add the powdered pepper and methi, table salt and grated coconut to the rice and gently mix everything without mashing the rice, when it is warm. Spread finely chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves on the top and serve.


    This dish can be prepared with the least number of ingredients in a very short time. Cocunut and groundnut are optional and the dish still tastes good without them. This has limited calories and the pepper and methi, which are medicinal help easy digestion. This mixed rice can also be easily carried in lunch boxes. So, if you don't have vegetables at home and you are lazy or have no time to rush to the shop or when somebody at home as a slight digestive problem, this is the best dish to be served. Try it!
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