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Health and happiness

Discussion in 'Nature Cure' started by vidyasundar, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. vidyasundar

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    The ultimate want of every person is Happiness. A person becomes happy when his wants are fulfilled. So, you can become happy very easily, if your wants are less and simpler. Thus, the formula for happiness is to live a SIMPLE LIFE

    • How to lead a simple life ?
    Life becomes simple if you follow the 3 main principles :

    1. Do your duty sincerely - this can be as a son, student, brother, husband, father or as a citizen of your locality, State or Country.
    2. Do your duty in the name of God. This is called ISWARARPANA BUDHI . When you introduce spiritualism, the work becomes YOGA . Duty thus becomes KARMA YOGA.
    3. Whatever you receive, accept it as a Prasada from God. This is called PRASADA BUDHI. We never analyse the quality and quantity of a Prasada.
    Thus, we should do all karmas as NISHKAMYA - that is, without expecting any specific return. Return is decided by God. If we develop this quality ghradually in our day to day life, we can be more and more happy.

    • [SIZE=+2]Spiritualism - the best tool for happiness.[/SIZE]
    We are only toys in the hands of God. Have full faith in Him. He will do only good to you. Absolute faith in God will give you mental peace. You will be able to face success and failure equally well, without losing mental balance.

    • How to become spiritual ?
    Spiritualism comes from Satva Guna or satvic mind. The satvic mind encourages creative thinking and positive outlook. This gives clarity, inspiration and motivation. A frustrated mind will lead to failure and downfall.

    • What makes the mind Satvic ?
    You get the gunas based on the food you take. Satvic foods will give satvic guna. Similarly, rajasic foods - rajasic guna and tamasic foods - tamasic guna. Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, cereals etc. constitute satvic foods. Hot and pungent items like spices, garlic etc. are rajasic foods. Liquor, tobacco, meat etc. are tamasic foods. For happiness, one should take more satvic foods, less rajasic foods and no tamasic foods.

    • Importance of good health !
    Taking satvic foods alone will not make a person healthy. The body should be fit enough to digest and assimilate the food properly. Also, the body should eliminate the wastes regularly. For this, all the organs of the body should function efficiently and in harmony. This is possible only when the health is good.

    • How to keep the body healthy ?
    For good health, good food is a must. The food you take should provide all the nutrients required for the body. The Pancha Maha Bhuthas - space, air, fire, water and earth - are common to our universe, nature, body, food and herbal medicines. So, we have to live in harmony with nature. The local weather and season will give a guideline to our food, dress, daily routine etc.

    • What is nutritious food ?
    Vegetables and fruits make positive food. Negative foods are cereals, milk etc. For good health, one should take 75% of positive food and 25% of negative food. The total food should provide all the 6 tastes - sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungeent and astringent. If the 6 tastes are balanced, the 3 doshas - vata, pitha and kapha - also will be balanced. This will keep the body healthy.

    • Mantra for good health !
    We have seen that the food you take should provide all the 6 tastes. Our normal food contains all the tastes except the bitter one. So, the mantra for good health is to include bitter vegetables in our daily intake.

    vidyasundar:-D ​

  2. subbutr

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    Thank you dear Vidyasundar for the excellent sharing of meaningful life's principles.

    To add a few lines :

    What we need to make a life worthwhile are :

    Have Financial Abundance - Make Money or Save Money

    Live Your Dream - Freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

    Be Happy - Have peace of mind, joy.

    Save Time - Have more real time for life.

    Develop Talent or Skill - Feel competent in the many areas of your life.

    Obtain Increased Health - Have more energy, less pain, more vitality.

    Have Comfort and Leisure and Recreation - Avoid overwork and frenzied lifestyle.

    Increase Sense of Purpose - Meaningful work, Connection to the Universe

    Live in a Clean, Beautiful Environment - Have a neat, ordered living space.

    Be Honored and Respected - Gain praise, popularity and admiration.

    Gain Control Over Your Life - Be the captain of your ship, guide your life.

    Feel Good About Yourself - Know who you really are, confident in abilities.

    Develop Your Full Potential - Grow in knowledge and ability.

    Enjoy Loving Relationships - Self satisfaction, close family and friends.

    Create Beauty - Be involved in art, crafts, dance, hobbies, etc.

    Have Hope in the Future - Have a full expectation of desirable things to come.

    Be thankful for the GOD who has given this wonderful gift !

    Life is like coffee.

    Sure, life is a coffee, and we must focus on enjoying the coffee (life) without being concerned about the cup (material things) we are drinking in.

    This brings me to a very important point; you can enjoy the coffee only if it is brewed well.

    Coffee, just like life, can only give enjoyment and excitement if it contains the right mix of ingredients.

    More sugar and less coffee or vice versa can lead to a bad taste.

    Life has to be a fine mix of the ingredients like personal well-being (both physical and mental), work satisfaction, economic well-being and emotional satisfaction which comes from companions, family and close friends.

    Unlike those delicious coffee servings with a whip of cream available in coffee shop, which are prepared by experts, the coffee of life has to be self-brewed and trust me - it takes a lot of effort.

    One has to find one’s calling, believe in self, set goals, personal priorities and most importantly, work towards their achievement.

    As someone has rightly said - “So many people walk around with a meaningless life.
    They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important.
    This is because they’re chasing the wrong things.”

    How true! How to utilize the opportunity of life is ones own prerogative but at the end of it, we surely must not regret the way we lead our lives.

    So brew it well, and enjoy the coffee – Cheers!


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